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It was frantic sex, exceeding even initiation in intensity.
And no wonder: Lisa, who was no longer experiencing a shadow of embarrassment, knew exactly what her partners love, and they remembered exactly what kind of affection their mistress preferred.
They tried several “one-on-one” positions several times, went to sleep, woke up in the middle of the night, continued, then woke up in the morning and continued again.
Having accumulated a total of four orgasms, Liza, after their departure, lay for half a day on a crumpled

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, damp bed in some blissful oblivion.
But she succeeded in some ways as a teacher.
To her great surprise, one girl, Kira Losev, suddenly began to compete with Ashmarin, Roger and Staroverov.
Lisa specially checked: in the old school she had a four.
What caused such a jump, Lisa did not understand.
She wondered if it was such that bisexual teachers encouraged girls, and it turned out that Alla and Olesya had only a few such cases.
After all, such a girl should, firstly, herself to women, and secondly, this passion must be unraveled.
But watching Kira, Lisa realized that she did not feel any carnal desires for her.
But the student would have wanted to sleep with the teacher, she could not recognize, and her colleagues did not advise anything intelligible to her (“You just feel it, that’s all”).
However, the girl was doing well without rewards.
And yet, for complete confidence, she went to Sergievskaya, spoke about the current successes of her charges and asked: – And if they all get high scores? – A good question, – smiled Sergievskaya, – A very difficult choice, I agree.

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We all have to think about it once a year.
Well, in short, the scheme is this: you can cope with the two yourself.
With three.
Remember your dedication – albeit as an episode, but you and the three served? And before that you had this experience? “Once,” Lisa looked down.
– Well, you see, it means that there are already two cases in the piggy bank – quite a lot for your age! But, most likely, this is unnecessary: ??after all, they are doing not only in mathematics.
In Ashmarin, for example, the top five in chemistry and English.
Why not call on the help of Alla or Olesya, and even both? And Roger is good with the story, and if he has a five, then I will help.
At the final teacher meeting, we all discuss and plan.
But not everything is so simple – some of them may refuse to share you with someone.
When there is something to talk about, discuss it with each individual.
Since they already know what is meant for victory, it will be easy to discuss.
Before Sydorych it was about half an hour to go, but I was in no hurry to go there.
Coming out of the entrance, I walked around the house from the back and hid in the front garden near the open window of our kitchen, since the apartment was on the first floor.
I could sneak around those sitting at the table and hear their voices.
“Tolik, can I ask you to climb behind the fridge and get the bottle out of there,” my wife asked the guest.
Amazed, Anatoly removed half a liter of moonshine from behind the refrigerator.
– What you are watching? – smiled my wife – Pour it! “But let me,” Pavel Nikolaevich interfered, “why did Oleg go buy another bottle if you had one?” – Let him walk! – Katya waved a hand – it is useful for him.
“You are not angry at him for that act,” said Pavel Nikolayevich.
– He just seems to like it when not alone he can admire your body.
– Did you like to admire me? – my wife asked ingratiatingly.
– Of course! – guests almost in unison answered.
– Want to? – the wife continued to flirt with them.
– Well, how to say, – Pavel Nikolayevich hesitated.
– It is not convenient as in the absence of Oleg. See online sex vedios.

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