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My husband bought some wine, I made a lot of goodies and we turned on the music and talked.
Gradually, the conversation began about the relationship between the sexes, love and of course sex.
Alexey was shy, blushing pleasantly, but he was obviously interested in the topic.
The husband asked whether Alexei has a girlfriend, to which he replied that he did not.
I invited Alexei to dance, at first he kept at a distance, but either I began to cuddle

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, or wine worked, and maybe both, but hugging tightly, I felt a tense hillock.
Stroking the neck, curving and touching the thigh of the hillock, I felt like a seducer.
Knowing what Sergei had planned, there was nothing under the dress, it was not embarrassing and exciting.
The husband was watching us and behind the back of his nephew was showing a thumbs up, stroking his fly making it clear that this also turns him on.
The music became faster and I switched the dance to more erotic movements.
Alexey kept me by the waist, and I was all bent, spinning in the ring of his hands.
It amused everyone, and Alexey’s hands began to move around the body, touching the back, priests, and hips.

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He certainly understood that there was nothing under the dress, I felt that his breathing became quickened and he was on the verge of an orgasm.
Sergey also began to dance around me.
Feeling close two excited male body led me to a shiver, a strong desire swept the lower abdomen.
As soon as the music ended I went into the bath and decided to take a shower.
I was shaking and standing under the water jets, I could not resist and running my hand between my legs quickly finished.
Someone tugged the bathroom handle several times, probably Sergei was looking for me, but I honestly was afraid for myself.
When I came out the men were drinking wine and watching porn.
Alexey was clearly embarrassed by what I saw.
Having sat down to Sergey, I also joined the viewing.
On the screen, several people had sex.
Sergei hugged me and running his hand into the neckline of the dress found his chest and began to stroke it.
This did not go unnoticed by his nephew, and he looked at the screen with interest, then at us.
I decided that whether that will be and covering my eyes I gave myself to the hands of my husband.
His tender hands squeezed his chest and clamped his nipple between his fingers.
The presence of Alexei also inflamed.
I crossed my legs, exposing my knees began to squeeze the hips to enhance the excitement.
The husband unbuttoned his dress and released his chest and began to manipulate it in front of a relative.
Lowering the dress from my shoulders and dropping to my knees in front of me, I began to suck on my chest.
Literally a meter away from us, Alexey sat and watched, not knowing how to behave in such a situation. Security cam sex tumblr.

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