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Maid sex hidden camera.
Having swallowed, she said: “You tortured me completely, you freaks.”
From the stumbled tongue, I realized that this was not the first “fill”.
I decided that soon this orgy would end, pretended the door and pretended to be asleep.
And for good reason.
Soon I heard cautious steps in the corridor, I realized that someone looked into the room.
Then there was the noise of the jet from the toilet.
One of them decided to piss and check whether I was sleeping on the way.
I lay in my head and went through options for building a conversation with my wife the next day, when I heard muffled moans.
So it is not the end.
I looked out at the mirror again and saw how Lenka was standing, leaning on the table, her mouth was plugged with her panties, and behind her diligently hemmed Seryoga.

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Anton at that time was sitting on a stool, with a cigarette in his mouth and crushing my wife’s chest with a satisfied mug.
Now I didn’t doubt that everything happened to her in her own life — her stifled moans were talking too eloquently about it, and the fact that, for the convenience of ebar, she even got on her toes, having bent her back.
And when he took her hair and pulled over, she made a long moan and her panties fell out of her mouth.
Anton said: “Hey, Seryog, let her have cancer, let’s shut her mouth up”.
And now, my wife is already on her knees, with her hands on the hips of the hairy fat man, and her mouth is handling his fat elda.
And it seems she absolutely does not care what his unwashed eggs smell.
Earrings, I do not see.
I see only his hands, clutching Lenka’s waist – the rest is hidden from my view.

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I can judge the pace only by the moaning of my wife and by the frequency with which she moves back and forth.
In general, it was high quality sawed in two bows.
But suddenly the wife broke away from the dick and began to make some energetic movements behind her with her hand.
This is something new.
I saw Seryoga wring her hand behind her back.
“Anton, hold her – I want to be noted here still in the ass.”
It was not difficult for Anton to grab her both wrists with one hand, and the second, seizing her hair, press her head to her groin.
Anton Lenkin’s muffled dick-yelping moo and her stiffened body said that a desperate struggle was going on outside my view.
Maid sex hidden camera.

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