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Livejasmin free peeks. Then you will take the key from the bath attendant:” Okay, “Sanya answered immediately, and – when Beaver left, to Valerka vzkomvzvoda busily looked: “Well, Valera: for work?” “Yes:” – Valery blushed, for a moment imagining that they would be alone, – nobody will be in the bath: Valerka blushed: and – hastily turned away to hide his embarrassment, – the castle platoon smiled: and – he thought that he was in no hurry to explain with an explanation it is worth it: I will wait until the bath: and – I will drown my soul there: There is no medicine for love, and – love does not choose who has what color there, and – it does not distinguish whether you are a salabon or a grandfather: however, this is all conditional colors – love has its own laws! And yet – it was spring, – a bath day: more precisely, an evening, – to wash the second platoon, about the war singing a song, the marines arrived: And now – the bath: Bath! – a sea of ??steam! noisy! fun! Oh, fuck: guys are naked in pairs are broken !.
– Do not rush: help me to count the panties: “And Vaska’s sweat stuck on my back – he turned pale: I didn’t joke, it means Ashot:” I went to the barracks: – I barely opened my Ulyudov mouth, – I, Ashot, need to go to the barracks : maybe Igor: he will help cowards to count: ok? “” No, Vasek: you will help! Not by service, but by friendship, I ask you: – Ashot said in reply.
– It is not necessary, if the grandfather asks you, to say that you cannot: fuck, did not expect it at all: “Vaska listened, and – to a shiver, before the chill, gentle Ashot sounded through his voice.
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