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He had to enter the house.
But we must immediately note that Milenherim could not do it, because he could, for example, Umbriel.
Become invisible.
Pass through doors and walls and create and disperse molecularly any body.
He was deprived of this grace as a sign of punishment for his own before the Father of the offense and was forced to settle in human bodies for several hundred years.
He had to recapture all this and receive the forgiveness of his Father.
But for this, he had to return his brother, the fallen twin, to the level of Incubus Eloim, as a sign of atonement.
Milenhirim realized that there was no passage, and did what he always did.
He applied hypnosis.
Yes, the usual angelic hypnosis, having lulled Alina’s mother for a while and after her, Alinina entered the apartment, right behind her back, turning into Alinina’s room.
Father at this time was not at home.
Apparently he was either at work or else where.
He went to Alina’s bedroom and stayed there.
– I want to kids from you! I want them from you my beloved fallen angel of God! – she licked off his cold black blood with his snake forked tongue.
– Elohim! – she turned again to him – It’s time to start a family! And your lover Izigir now do not mind! – Izigir embraced him, ringing gold bracelets on his female snake scales, thin clawed hands, behind the neck.
– I’m ready for our love again! My Elohim! – said Izigir loudly but gently to Elohim.
She, wriggling her long tail, widened her webbed wings again.
Scattering, again, pitch black, long along the head of a stone bed of love, its hair wrapped around the head of a ring wrap around the head of a stone bed of love. Livejasmin delete account.

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