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Vovka and I looked at each other like children from whom we have taken our favorite toy.
We decided to continue, I took her place, that is, got cancer and Vovka, wetting my point, entered me.

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he fucked me Sasha came up with a camera and pulled us from all sides raised his penis to my lips.
Yes, I have not had a bitch from both sides for a long time.
Sasha despite the fact that he joined the last finished before anyone else.
He did not leave and continued to shoot us.
I rolled onto my back and Vovka continued to have me, Sasha, seeing my riser, gave the camera to me and began to suck my dick, and filmed me as fuck and sucked at me.
When Vova.
He began to finish, he came out of me and began to fill Sasha’s face with sperm after which I began to cum in his mouth.
in the contest for guessing a member, I won the marina, did not guess the Sashkin and Vovkin members, as I said, they are almost the same.
in a competition where I have to make my opponent finish as quickly as possible, I lost to mamma, which is not surprising.
but in anal darts I won against Lyudmila.
at the end of the weekend, my mother had the most stars, and with a large margin.
as she wanted, at first, all the men ended up on her and then all the women licked her licking our sperm from her face.
“Why are you so thoughtful?” the father asked the mother as we drove home in a car.
– it seems to be losing my grip, I almost beat Marinka with difficulty – she answered collecting sperm from her face, she didn’t even wash when we said goodbye to the others – and her outfit is much more interesting than mine.

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– The outfit may be more interesting, but why did you decide that with difficulty you won the gap almost twice.
– well, I don’t know – she collected a few drops of semen from her breast and stretched out her palm to me – she shows better and better results every time – on the contrary, she should be proud – I said smearing the sperm to my face, we went home almost in the same form as a cat were, only raincoats I and Nurse threw, and my father put on his pants and shirt just in case.
– for some reason, she turned to me – it was you who taught her everything, before that she was practically unable to suck, she moved her head there and there was no use for anything – that’s for her father confirmed stroking her mother’s pussy, she mechanically spread her legs thinking about what she heard.
– so if it were not for you, she would have remained none, as a coach you should be proud of your student – said and kissed her on the cheek, at the same time licked a few more drops of sperm
The next day, in the morning, Raisa, as usual, drove off to work, and Mishka and Tanya went to school.
As Raisa was not in a hurry, but she was late to the bank by the beginning of the working day.
In order not to make excuses for being five minutes late, she decided to walk around the shops and appeared at work only two hours later with more weighty arguments for such a delay.
Her boss, Naum Zakharovich, was already completely exhausted, waiting for his passion.
He, in order to justify the failure of his mating on Friday, was simply impatient to fuck Rajeka today with a reinforced program.
Usually Naum Zakharovich fucked Paradise, so to speak, “on the run” in his office.
But sometimes I took it out for a few hours in the sauna.
Today, just, and was ordered sauna.
Therefore, as soon as Raisa Ilinichna appeared in the bank, Naum immediately asked her to follow him to the exit.
There is a mass of people all around, so Raisa silently follows an accelerated step after Naum and after a few seconds they end up in a company car, but she cannot be explained, because the driver is an employee of their bank. Live sex full movie.

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