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It was in this position that the gentleman loved to take her from behind, and if there was no other order from the palm of the woman, the women should have had time to caress the eggs of the man who possessed her.
But this time he ordered to put his hands on the back of his head.
Her thoughts were swept up.
In this position, the lord not only fucked her, but also for whipping, he often chose such a position.
“But for what? I’m doing everything right!” she thought frantically, frantically searching for an explanation for what was happening.
Her premonitions were not deceived.
Without explaining anything, without saying a word at all, the owner put his foot on her neck and slowly received a woman with a whip on the defenseless bottom.
Later, without explanation, she understood that flogging is a necessary part of the transformation that happened to her, unequivocally fixing her true place in this game, the place of an obedient whore at the feet of the sovereign.

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And then, on the train, once again humiliating the woman to the limit of her rapidly changing ideas about the world, the gentleman turned her around, pulled the gag out of his mouth, fastened the collar to the leash, and pulled the chain confidently into her crotch.
The next half hour she spent at the feet of the gentleman with a member in his mouth.
(Very serious sex with humiliation, punishment, spitting and whipping! – approx.
) Former training went to her advantage.
Still ashamed of working as a “pacifier”, she nevertheless noticed with satisfaction the growth of her skill.
True, she has not yet been able to fully adapt to the unceremonious fucking in her mouth, when all she had to do was to bite her teeth, round her lips and press her tongue penetrating her, fighting spasms when her master penetrated too deeply.

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But when the owner allowed her to suck herself, she tried really and soon began to receive genuine pleasure from the blowjob.
Now to the usual impressions added an unusual feeling of a tight leash, pressing the collar on her neck.
For some reason, she immediately liked this new feeling, it was pleasant when the gentleman was tightening the leash harder.
But this novelty of the situation is not limited.
“You still don’t have enough trained throat.
Lesbian webcam models.

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