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I began to push the head of the penis into her anus and the attempt was crowned with success.
I spat on the point of the red girl once more and began to move rhythmically.
Ira screamed for pleasure, and Sveta sat on the table, substituting her vagina to her.
Are you so good, Ira? – asked Light.
What have you never had in the ass, you ask? A couple of times.
“Just something,” asked Ira.
My member is already free to push the ring of Ira anus and went into the back of a pretty girl’s sponge.
Red and sweaty Ira fought like a fish against the ice, twirling her ass on my cock.
I lifted the girl’s leg and put her knee on the table.
From the change of position, the girl moaned even more.
Fuck, how fucking.
Come on.
Oh, and cool in the ass, – moaned Ira.
Sveta was looking at me enviously.
Fuck, I’ll finish right now, bazaar.
Come on, – Ira already screamed in full.
I was fucking her in the ass with all my might and I wanted to cum, but I couldn’t.
But Ira could.
She was shaking, Ira was hitting her head on the table, and with her hands she was pushing her buttocks with all her strength, and it seemed to me that she was trying to tear herself in half.

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Irina’s vagina dripped to the floor, and now she rubbed her clit with her hand.
That’s enough, I beg you, – asked Ira, – I’ll die, dick.
But I did not stop.
Better fuck her in the ass, I can’t, Ira prayed.
After a second, she was so shaken that I was scared.
She huddled even more about the table with her whole body and screamed as cut, then subsided, went limp and began to crawl off the table.
That’s enough for me, – said Ira and jumping off from my dick, crawled on all fours to the bathroom.
I pulled the Light off the table and laid it as Ira lay.
Running my tongue over the anus of a woman, I made her shiver so.
Then I carefully spat on her hole and put a member to the ass.
The member gently slid inside, and Sveta, loudly drawing air into the lungs, tried to get off my dick.
Well, come on, now I’ll fuck your ass, – I said to Sveta.
Sveta was silent.
Take two.
I threw Sveta’s left leg on the table and quickly earned a pelvis, driving her ass into her undeveloped other men.
Sveta yelled and moaned, wagging her ass

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and podmahivaya me.
Fuck, what a talent, but I didn’t know, – sentenced Sveta.
I will have you now and at work whenever I want, ”I said.
Come on.
So I perdol Sveta, until I finished.
Sveta lay helpless on the table, allowing her ass to fill my ass with my seed.
My tired and burning member jumped out of Sveta’s hole.
So, we have a rest, – I said and looked at my watch.
It was only nine in the evening.
Ira was lying on the bathroom floor, breathing heavily.
Irusik, how are you? – I asked.
Dont touch me.
It was such an anal orgasm, you can not imagine. Https sex perm online.

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