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In the vast hall was warm and cozy, twilight reigned, illuminated by flashes of a huge fireplace.
Along the perimeter, about a couple of meters from the fabric wallpaper, there were wide soft sofas, one of which housed three men.
Eyes of men immediately rushed to the logged.
As expected by Dean, the focus was on Sandra.
“Maybe it will be okay?” The girl thought, squinting her eyes at the huge neckline of Sandra’s pink blouse.
She herself was dressed much more modest – tight-fitting slender legs, blue jeans and a gray thin jumper, very simple, but emphasizing a nice figure.
Unfortunately, Dina’s catchy appearance also attracted male looks.
The girl blushed again and lowered her eyes, beginning to examine the fleecy carpet.
Dina was embarrassed to look towards the men, especially since she was horrified to discover that they were all in bathrobes.
But when the fat man began to represent his friends, he had to, despite the burning cheeks, look up.
This is Wayne.
Curly, tight, lobasty, serious man raised a glass of whiskey, welcoming the girls.
This is Jorge.
A dryish, gray-haired man nodded importantly, carnivorous looking at the same Sandra.
Dina thought that some more and this man could be called older.
This is Christian.
A little dark-skinned mulatto, large, even sitting impressed by a very tall man, smiled white-teeth.
Well, my name is Edgar.
So, girls undress.
Dina’s heart sank.
She fell into a stupor, still not fully aware of what such a sweet Edgar wants from her.
Come on, go ahead! We have prepared some clothes for you, you need to change into her clothes.
So? – Edgar looked expectantly at the girls.
The girls, shy of time, looked at each other, not daring to start undressing, terribly embarrassed by the attentive glances fixed on them.

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But there was nowhere to go, and they had to, tangling in their sleeves, trouser legs, pantyhose, to expose themselves.
Soon all three girls turned out to be naked and stood in the middle, though among the poorly lit, but still not dark enough, the hall.
They timidly huddled together, covered intimate places, and desperately cowardly, as if by chance.
Dina cursed herself for having completely shaved her pubis, and now anyone who thinks of it can perfectly see her delicate petals, slightly protruding outside.
The men began to speak approvingly, but Dina’s brain couldn’t perceive any words until she suddenly heard the quivering voice of Marches: Can I put on YOUR clothes? Dinah nodded feverishly, glancing at Edgar.
She didn’t like the jolly fat guy who was amused by these words.
Of course of course! I am now.
At first, he put bright red high-heeled shoes in front of the girls, according to Dina, excluding the possibility of walking.
I hope you fit – it is these dimensions you indicated in the e – mail.
The girls, under the looks of their will, hurriedly put their shoes on, trying to shine as little as possible with their charms.
At this time, Edgar appeared in front of them, carrying in his hands some kind of red cloth trimmed with white fluffy fur.
He giggled, as if he had thought of something extremely witty.
I will wear the rest on you myself! To the bewilderment of the girls, Edgar, approaching each one in turn, tied a scarf around their necks in the manner that cowboys wore in westerns.
under the chin, there was a sash with tassels on the waists, and Santa’s caps on their heads.
And it’s all? Came the tense voice of Sandra.
Dina almost burst into tears when the meaning of the joke that the pretty fat one gave them began to reach her.
Edgar himself stood a little to the side and watched the girls, folding his palms against his chest affectionately.
Well, well, if you are dressed, hee, hey, please introduce yourself now.
Each must step forward, make a crochet and say to Santa, and then call himself.
The girls continued to hesitate to

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stagnate, until Edgar weighed a heavy slap on Marche.
She could not keep her balance and jumped forward with a scream.
She was frightenedly clapping her eyelashes, trying to hide behind her palms, but she still sat down and mumbled a little: San.
Santa Marsha.
– and then hastily stepped back.
Dina, not feeling her legs under herself, trying to keep her balance, also jumped forward, crossed her long legs, crouched down in a cubicle: Santa – Dina. Hot live sex chat.

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