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Then Tanya made her lick the anus, which was even more humiliating, but I had to obey, because resistance would lead to new punishments.
The day passed relatively well, after breakfast (consisting of a carrot that visited my booty, and tea) we played volleyball with the boys.
Then they went for a swim, but I preferred to sit on the beach – I was tired of hiding from random witnesses of my not only naked, but also stunned nettle body, and the girls would use it for some nasty things.
For lunch we returned to the camp, but the girls were forbidden to eat, slyly glaring at each other.
I realized that they had conceived something new, and I was doomed to await my unenviable fate.
They took my plate with semolina and led me to our room, where they put the plate on the floor, and they ordered me to undress.

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I realized a long time ago that it was better not to oppose their will and fulfilled everything they asked for.
Then the girl who yesterday shot down my second clothespin — her name was Anya — pulled her panties off and crouched over my plate — I immediately realized that they would demand something from me now — I was quite expecting something like that.
Anya nasrat right in the middle of the plate and made me lick my anus.
Then Vick jaded: Eat filed – shit with a side dish! Under the general neighing, I took a spoon and began to eat the contents of the plate – I ate almost without chewing, trying to swallow this muck as quickly as possible so that the nasty taste would not remain in the mouth.
And the girls scoffed: Chew carefully, bitch! I began to chew, especially since the taste of shit anyway overwhelmed my mouth, and Tanya gave a harsh note to my head, then the others began to spit on me too, but I already had anyway.

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After this execution, I was forced to lick off the floor those spits that did not reach the goal, which I did, like an obedient dog.
Days passed one after another, and I finally got used to the role of a rug and a toilet.
Every day I was showered at lunch and wrote in compote or tea, hooked clothespins to nipples and sexual lips, thrust various objects into my long-suffering anus, spat and blew my nose.
One time they tied me naked to a tree in the forest all day long — mosquitoes terribly bitten me, ants crawled all over my body, other insects, a mushroom picker didn’t notice me.
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