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And the wife, apparently having solved all moral problems for herself, did not even try to move away or resist the obviously sexually oriented actions.
The sofa on which Sashka and Svetlana settled down was soft and forced her to turn gray and the hem of her dress only slightly covered, rather, opened, and fishnet stockings and white panties, and how good it is when the desired woman makes no attempts to fix the dress.
She trusted us.
The wine was poured into glasses.
– I propose a toast in honor of the birthday man, and I want him to remember this day especially.
I raised a glass of dark red wine.
– And that we would always be good as today Added wife.
We drank with pleasure.
– And I want to drink for you (the son poured the glasses again).
– What would you mother, was always so slim and beautiful.
– And you dad was always strong and cool.
– What I am slim and beautiful? Objected wife.
– Very much (Sasha continued the toast) I saw today how people look at you, remember the moms of the two guys in the park, they looked at your back so that I thought their neck would turn out.
And the waiter in the cafe, when you looked

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at the cakes in the shop window, he was ready to crawl your eyes in.
– In a bra (I prompted my son) – Well, yes in a bra.
– In general, you have my parents what I need, I want to drink for you.
Glasses were on the table.
– Son, I think those guys did not look at the back of the mother, but at her ass, the panties under the dress were painfully beautiful, so what do you think? I began to direct the conversation in the right direction.
– Dad, I completely agree with you, somehow it was not convenient for me to say directly, but they looked exactly there.
I looked at my son and made a barely noticeable nod, encouraging him.
– I understand them, (my gaze focused on my wife) I have been attracted by the delights of our mother all day long, and in the cafe it was generally amazing.

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Svetlana made surprised eyes.
– And what was in the cafe (she was genuinely surprised).
I smiled about said.
– And the fact that in the cafe, when I stroked your leg, along with me there was still the hand of your son.
– Sasha actively helped me.
Sveta continued to make a surprised look.
– Well, you give, but if people saw.
But honestly, it was good for me, and besides, Sasha can do anything today.
Sash, do you like my legs? She looked at us alternately.
– Mom, your legs are great, but if you add the sensation of nylon, then this is something.
I would love to repeat – Mom, what is it possible to do anything? The son took the initiative.
– So, the conversation can go far, and go, I change my clothes, and then something became hot in the dress.
Svetlana looked at him, because women look at men, and not as a son.
And since my wife’s gaze frankly told me that she decided to renew the purchased peignoir and the headsets, I poured another glass of wine.
Already really playing, Svetlana, shaking her hips, left to change clothes.
As soon as my wife left for the bedroom, I turned to my son and offered to drink wine, stretching my pleasure, I continued the conversation.
– We decided today to give you an unusual gift.
Sash, how do you look at what to play with your mother.
The son did not look into my eyes and was obviously shy.
– Dad, this means I will be able to caress her and even.
– That’s it.
Today is your birthday and she said that everything is possible.
Moreover, she cares that you masturbate, and real sex will save you from this.
– But I can not.
I will be uncomfortable.
How do you imagine it? Mom, let me fuck you.
Dad, I can’t do that.
– Everything is much simpler, (I answered) now she will come out disguised, you will see that she came in handy by tonight, she bought a new lingerie specially, that would look more attractive for you, I will start to caress her, and you will simply join us.
Understand my son, if she prepared in advance, then she wants to play these games.
Everything is very simple.
Watch me, and I will guide you.
– Anyway, somehow uncomfortable (the son objected).
But on this our conversation ended because Svetlana came out of the bedroom.
Yes it was something.
A silk dressing gown flowed over her body and covered her knees a little.
A bow around his neck at the top, and to the bottom the floors diverged and his legs were visible in bodily stockings with glitters, white fishnets and a miniature bra that shone through the top, which covered only the nipples and then half. Free sex cam4.

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