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They are fuckers, not vocalists of the rock band “Sage,” Lucius displeasedly dismissed.
– Be kind enough not to climb with nonsense, I ponder our escape, by the way.
But there are three creatures in the world that cannot be stopped – a distraught dragon, a distraught basilisk and the ever-insane Bellatrix Lestrendzh.
On tiptoe, she approached older Malfoy.
“But Liucius,” she poured, “there’s just another tattoo on them, and I even know which one.”
– and Bella whispered something to a cellmate in his ear.
“You’re crazy,” Lucius summed up.
– Although this is not news.
Then you won’t wake them up now, ”he added, not so confidently.
– A little whipping will wake anyone up! Bella laughed.
“Narcissa told me how you can handle a whip.”
Yes, yes, I know the bed secrets of the Malfoys! Only with these creatures can you afford much more than with my sister! “You can tempt, Bella,” sighed Lucius.
– It will be necessary to explain to Narcissa that some things should not be discussed outside the family circle.
Well, we still have a couple of hours until the deepest night.
He stood up, and a thin, long strip of skin hung from the tip of his wand.
She jumped up with a scream of burning pain in her back.
Lucius and Bellatrix towered over her, strong and ruthless, and Ginny knew that they could do anything with her, and she could do nothing about it.
Lucius swung his whip again, and Ginny closed her eyes – but this blow fell on Hermione’s back, leaving a bloody streak.

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Bella burst into laughter in the face of the frightened girls: – Whoever gets up early, Morgana gives to that! But no, you give it to everyone, mud-blooded cunts! “If you’re not satisfied yet, Mr. Malfoy, you could just wake us up,” Hermione said impassively, wincing at the pain in her back.
Sleep returned her strength, and she looked at the torturers rather calmly – with the calmness of deep despair.
– But so much fun, chicks! – Bellatrix grinned.
“Do you know why we woke you up?” Because you, redhead chick, ”she turned to Ginny,“ will now open your beak wide.
And when Aunt Bella does pi-pi to you in your beak, you’ll drink it all.
And then a ragged chick will do the same for Uncle Lucius, ”she pointed to Hermione.

“And if you shed a lot of wee-wee, Uncle Lucius will make you a whip bo-bo.”
“Enough,” Malfoy Sr. intervened, who was obviously strained by “Uncle Lucius.”
– Do you understand everything? Ginny blinked blankly.
It seems that it is not quite heard.

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Uncle Archibald teach you that, too, Mr. Malfoy?” – quietly and evil asked Hermione.
“Not too bad for you?” Are you dreaming to piss a mudblood? “Not that I’m dreaming, but you have to indulge in the little whims of relatives,” Lucius nodded at Bella.
– And do not push me to conscience, Granger, you yourself said that I did not have it.
Bellatrix spread her legs wide over Ginny.
She pretended that she is very interested in cracks in the floor.
“Look here, redhead slut, open your mouth and swallow everything,” Bella ordered in a hoarse whisper.
Ginny frantically shook her head and bit her lips.
The magic of the contract twisted her body, her neck muscles tensely strained, veins stood out under the skin.
Very slowly she began to raise her head.
Lucius again brought the whip to her back.
Ginny threw back her head, opened her mouth in a scream, and was unable to close.
At the last moment, Hermione turned away and stared at the floor.
“Ginny will not be so embarrassed if I don’t look at her, and I don’t need to take my heart off again,” she thought.
But she did not take into account that she would still hear what was happening with her friend. Free online adult sex games.

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