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A fly in the ointment in this barrel of honey was the fact that some of the rides, which did not seem to be particularly dangerous, were looked after by special employees, who were called “rescuers”, and the relations with them among the boys were very tense.
One of them, named Ruslan, tried at every opportunity to drive Misha out of the most tempting places and did not allow him to sunbathe on the floor (there were special sun beds for this, but they had to be paid extra for their use).
Mishka repeatedly thought about how to annoy Ruslan, but he was damn afraid of his pood kulaks.
However, given the current situation, there was nothing to think about visiting the water park.
Having once again revealed a literature textbook, he began to re-read the same page melancholically.

There was nobody at home, the winter evening was just beginning, and the level of anger that overfilled Mishka was steadily increasing.
When he was ready to strangle the vile teacher with his bare hands with her son, there was a noise in the hallway.

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The door opened and closed.
Thinking that this mother had returned earlier than usual, Mishka got up and went to meet her.
Instead of a mother in a narrow hallway, a bearded old man of a mighty build in a red fur coat and felt boots was trampling on.
– Who are you? – Mishka asked, startled by surprise, thinking that he was a robber or a thug.
“Santa Claus,” the old man answered laconically.
Mishka opened his mouth in surprise.
– Doesn’t believe: How to convince him?
– the old man said sadly.
“But I brought you a gift, Sukhov.”
– Which present? – only managed to ask Mishka.
– Now you want to go to the water park, take revenge on the teacher and annoy her son Ruslan, and you need to learn literature, right? – Yes: – only Mishka could answer.
– I decided to help you with this, – the old man answered, – tomorrow you will answer the literature without teaching, and today I will help you to take revenge on Ruslan.
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