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So the client was really solid.
The trouble was that the road to the restaurant by car would not have taken even five minutes.
And I did not have enough time for talking.
“Have you really been waiting for me all day?” – Christine asked when the car floated smoothly along the rain river on the asphalt.
“To be exact, it’s almost six o’clock.”
– And it was worth it? – I needed to see you.
– What for? – I need to talk to you.
What was.
“What happened was a big mistake,” it said sharply and firmly.
– Not! – Do not.
Are you married.
I’m thinking of getting married.
This is a fleeting flirt.
And I’m a fool that allowed you, and myself.
I told you that it will.
– Christine, wait.
Can i ask you – About what? – Listen, please.
For me, this conversation is very important.
Let me wait for you and take you home after the meeting.
Or we will stop at some cafe and talk there.
I have to tell you an important thing for me.
And until I tell you her, I will not leave.
– Speak now.
– I can not now.
We almost arrived, I do not have enough time – we really drove up to the restaurant – Agreed? Christine paused, thinking as I drove up to the entrance to the restaurant.
– Good.
Head over to the coffee shop.
It’s not far away, she agreed and got out of the car.
– I’ll be waiting for you in the parking lot.
Tell the doorman when you go out, he will call me.
They know my car here, it is noticeable, – I pointed to the portrait on the hood with a smile.
“Yeah,” Chris grinned.
I entered the cabin, pulled off a tie from my neck, threw it on the table and flopped into a chair.
But I could not sit.
Thin voices came from the bedroom.
I got up and went in there.
On my bed on top of the blanket were two completely naked girls.
– We are Masha and Dasha.
Do not chase us, – in one voice they chirped when they saw me.

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I stood in the doorway.
What will happen to the girls, if they get rid of, I was already well aware.
– What can you do with it.
Stay, – I waved my hand and went into the shower.
Having washed off my fatigue, I returned to the bedroom.
They already got under the blanket.
I climbed over one of them and lay in the middle.
They immediately clung to me from two sides.
I was just lying tired on my back.
And they were stroking my whole body with warm palms, rubbing against me on girlish tits, tickling me with hairy pubes.
Of course, regardless of fatigue, in a minute I was already excited to the limit.
“Let’s fuck Masha together,” Dasha breathed hotly in my ear.
– Come on.
But as? – I turned to her.
Masha was lying on the edge of the bed, dangling her divorced legs.
I, kneeling on the carpet, once and again entered into it with powerful pushes.
Dasha, sitting on the other end of the bed, held her friend by the hands, watching her all with burning eyes.
Masha first moaned, then began to scream.
– Stronger! Stronger! Fuck her – Dasha hissed in a broken whisper, grabbed Masha by the boobs and, rising and leaning forward, sat down on her, covering her friend’s face.
Masha convulsively jerked her whole body.
It seems she lacked air.
Began to rush from side to side.
I tried to scream, but the sounds sank inside Dasha.
From her nervous movements, my excitement became even stronger, and I began to try to penetrate it even more.
Dasha, throwing back

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her head, shuddered all over, throwing up her tits.
One could only imagine what a powerful massage she gets now from a friend.
She crawled all over her face, only occasionally lifting herself for a moment, letting her take a breath of air.
We finished with Dasha at the same time, exhausted by falling on Masha.
Masha immediately ran into the shower.
And Dasha and I settled down, resting from the work done.
After some time, Masha returned and immediately climbed under a blanket to us.
I felt her pen find my dick again.
– Dasha, let’s suck, – she pushed her friend in the cheek.
– Why am I doing that? – stunned Dasha.
“You weren’t fucked, so you suck,” she pushed her on the cheek again.
Dasha obediently crawled on my stomach, and I felt her hot lips clasped my tired member.
– Girls, that’s enough, probably for today.
Tomorrow will be another day – I tried to protest.
But, while Dasha, smacking her lips, was busy with me downstairs, Masha hugged me, hugging her shoulders against her shoulders, and deliberately rattled: – Tamara Albertovna says that the main task of the woman is that the man in the eggs doesn’t have any excess sperm. First time anal cam.

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