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I burned with shame, – she whispered barely audibly.
And Andrew bent over the flower of her crotch and clasped juicy lips mouth.
He began to suck them inside, so that the skin around stretched, and the woman groaned again.
In the meantime, his tongue tensed and penetrated into the depths of the tetin body.
There he froze for a second and began to poke at the walls of her twitching vagina.
Lord, where did you learn all this? The young man did not answer, continuing to bring pleasure to the woman.
He really learned a lot during his life and now sought to show all his knowledge, his sophisticated life experience relative.
After some time, his lips released Asya’s swollen and slightly reddened flesh and tongue, leaving her bosom, went to the tubercle of the clitoris.
The woman felt his touch, jerked and almost twisted out of her depraved posture, but the guy grabbed her around the waist and firmly pressed his aunt’s back to his chest.
His tongue began to cut circles on the upper genital lips, gradually climbing between them.
The woman screamed and clenched the blanket in her fists.
After a minute of his caresses, she was already in poor control of herself, and began podmahivat to meet his dancing tongue.
A minute later, she jerked her whole body, straightened her tense legs so that her fingertips stretched out towards the ceiling, and shivered finely.

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Andrew again sucked part of her lips, but this time the one where the clitoris was, and began to fiddle with his tongue hard, driving a wave of pleasure from the crotch all over the woman’s body.
Aunt Asya sobbed and, bending the

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back, screamed.
Her legs twitched involuntarily, as if an electric current were passing through them.
Andrei has already seen violent female orgasms, and he was well aware that, at the moment of unconsciousness, the body of a mistress should not be given freedom, since it may well, for example, fall out of bed.
However, this did not mean that he stopped stimulating her pulsating flesh.
When she finally froze, the boy let her go and gently laid her over the blanket, admiring the beauty of her nudity.
He gently stroked her belly and thighs, marveling at the velvety tenderness of her skin.
You know.
“You know, Aunt Asya,” he said fairly, “you must be one of the most beautiful women in this world.
Thank you, – her barely audible voice noticeably trembled.
The woman looked at him from under the floor of covered eyelids and also began to stroke his thigh.
You’re ready again.
– She commented, feeling the fingers up his cock.
A long time ago, he grinned.
The aunt sat down and wanted to re-launch his phallus into his mouth, but the guy stopped her.
I want you, he honestly admitted.
The young man pulled her head to his and kissed him again.
She answered passionately.
And without tearing his lips, he threw her on the bed, and he hung from above.
Wait, she quickly took a breath, oral sex is self-indulgence, but normal is completely different.
For me there is no difference, – the guy answered.
Listen, we are relatives, and what we are doing now is called incest.
I know, but what difference does it make to us?
She could not find an answer. English sex movies watch online.

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