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Couples having sex online.
I laughed: Do not envy, you still have enough pussies, in excess! Only now Alexander wanted now and immediately.
I had to wait a bit.
Wearing my favorite strapon, I thoroughly smeared the penis and began to lubricate Shurachka with my fingers.
At this time, she began to lick her daughter’s pussy, sitting on her face.
Passionate about pussy, Alexandra didn’t immediately pay attention to the movement in her ass, and when she figured it out, it was already too late: I was really fucking her.
The unpleasant sensations soon turned into pleasure, and Shurochka struggled to podmahivat me, not forgetting Vika’s pussy.
Again, one after another, we received a powerful orgasm.
The orgy dragged on until the morning, we tried many different positions, positions and postures, caressing and fucking each other.
Only at dawn did we find the strength to part.
Having kissed her mother, Vika clung to me and kissed me with even more passion.
The continuation of the evening? She asked.
But how! – I replied.
We laughed together.
Alexandra Pavlovna really changed.
She stopped fussing, screaming, she no longer fights, she smiles a lot and seems quite happy.

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I don’t even know how much I’ve disconnected and gone to my senses, as I came to myself already at Eleanor’s house when she gave me a smell of ammonia.
Come on already, – smiling, said Eleanor, – come back to Earth! I do not want.
– looking at the floor, I replied, – I want to heaven! To space! For this you can drink.
– Eleonora spread my legs and knelt in the formed void, so I looked down at her from above.
She took my palm and put something in it.
Or you can do something better! When I opened my palm, I saw two pills.
I do not even know what it was.
But curiosity was always stronger than me.
So I answered her: Well, let’s try “something better”.
Eleanor smiled, got up and took a glass of water from the table.
I drank both pills at once and waited for the effect they would have on me.
I was not even scared already – there, a dead body lay at the entrance, a knife was lying next to the body, and my prints were on the knife.
What could be worse

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? After drinking plenty of water from a glass, I felt Eleanor’s hands massaging my shoulders.
It was very nice.
Yes, and I really had to relieve tension! Have you ever had a boyfriend? – suddenly I felt at my ear.
No, it was not.
What, even at parties, discos you did not “sin”? – quite sexy asked Eleanor.
No, not once.
Didn’t even want to? I wanted once.
Were you excited? Yes.
I felt something very pleasant in my “there”.
Did you feel your “pussy” calling for “kitty”? Well, so to speak.
And what? He did not want to.
So you are a virgin? As far as I know, yes.
What do you feel now? Voltage.
Is your pussy tense? Couples having sex online.

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