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Oh, here you are, some of the girls are now near and stare at me! I think that you and I repeated my whole story in an instant, and even embellished it.
Who agrees or disagrees with my story, write.
It will inspire me to new stories.

My name is Ariada, and this is my story.
Part of the story will be taken from my diaries, part based on my memories.
And I will start from the time when my life abruptly changed.
Chapter 1 May 5, 5111 from the Unification of the World.
I will continue to write only a year.
The first 18 years of my life were spent in relative peace and bliss, I never experienced anything, and was not deprived of anything.
This is not surprising, since I was the princess of the Western kingdom, the only daughter of the four children of King Triagore. Boy sex video online.

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