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The meeting is scheduled for Saturday evening.
All day I’m on treason.
SMS: “We are in place, address.
Answer:” I leave “I’m going in a taxi.
SMS: “What is your underwear?” Answer: “No, Stockings and a dress on a naked body.”
– “Damn, as I wanted.”
– “Whores underwear is not supposed to.”
– “Probably!” The game has begun! Vanechka meets at the entrance.
Apartment – clean council! Floors – painted boards.
For some reason, the blue ceramic tiles in the bathroom are painted with red paint.
Yes, even moronic inscriptions on the doors and walls about washing hands, feet and about cocoa in the toilet.
Fuck, where did you find this apartment? And you can not smoke, the rules hang on the walls! In addition, these two reptiles drank almost all the cognac, while I was traveling by taxi to them.
I got a couple of glasses.
Cognac from the glasses – a perversion.
But in rented apartments or mugs or glasses.
No other is intended.
I am so lightly stroked on a chair with playful pens.
Fingers in open places climb, and pulls me to talk.
Separately about the outlook.
I have stockings, I can not tolerate pantyhose, but in Siberia I cannot do without them.
And yet – you want to feel like a woman with a capital letter, put on her stockings.
And the dress is very thematic! The lock in front, and the top and bottom open the same.
The boys didn’t have enough pull on the rings, so they stroked and caressed in turns as usual, lifting the skirt up! – How did you manage to find such an apartment? – You know.
It was difficult, it seems that the whole city A.
Fucks on rented apartments on Saturday evening! – Well yes.

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Okay, Saturday, Friday morning.
– I remember the bike.
– I had such a friend.
I came here on a visit from Hochland to my uncle on Lake Baikal, to go fishing, and so it hovered for two years.
We met with him rarely, but aptly! He wanted a fairy in white.
Suits I can do.
In white, so in white.
White stockings, panties, T-shirt lace.
I was looking for an apartment, he paid, of course.
I meet him at the door all in white.
He is going to bed me.
Panties out, Fuck notably.
We finish.
We rest.
We go to the kitchen, smoke, drink coffee.
Bare both already, on me one stockings remained, on it nothing at all.
Suddenly we hear the key turning in the doors of the entrance.
A couple walks into the hallway.
We are in shock.
Andryukha towel on the hips and there.
Guys, but actually busy here.
And the owner gave us the keys! Hurt yourself.
Call the owner of the apartment.
Oh, sorry, confused! So the whole city is A.
not only on Saturdays fucking on rented apartments! Ah, I have a suit with me.
Show you.
The boys screamed

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in unison – yes! The costume is called “Tyrolean Waitress”.
A red-white-black lace apron with lacing, white circles and white butt around the breasts.
And to him I still had red knee-high socks with a black arrow thrown over.
In general, when I looked at the photo at home, I was on my own in ahue! I look, the second, Zheka, so with a pitch look and drill.
Vanya, too, noticed it and unobtrusively – in short, I’m in the shower, and here you have fun.
But he himself, an infection, grabbed the camera, the paparazzi, damn it.
And Zheka didn’t think long, he piled on the bed and put in.
Here I love it.
Without preludes and prefaces.
You want to take it, you do not want it – it is free.
And then there’s Vanka running around with a camera.
Turn me on this brutally.
I growl, my dick in my mouth, so as not to scream.
And then she went into complete confusion.
It’s funny when you are caressing four hands, fucking two cocks, plus rubber toys.
This is something with something I will tell you.
Memory cuts off completely.
To convey sensations in words is almost impossible.
Who, where and how many finished, hell knows.
I remember one thing – a sandwich.
I sat on Vanechkin member, and climbed in the ass wih.
To move in this position does not make sense. Bongo 888 sex live 142.

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