Bongacams rebecca.

Bongacams rebecca.
I dived into the door leading to the landing, and was surprised to find that it was quite possible to run down the heels.
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Early on Saturday morning, the next day, after Nastya and I sucked from Yegor, I was woken by a doorbell.
I did not want to wake up (today we did not study), but then I heard the sound of the door being opened and Nastya’s voice.
Then I opened my eyes and saw that she was not next to me in bed – it means I did not dream.
I wanted to turn to the wall and sleep on, but curiosity took its toll and I reluctantly got out of bed.
I didn’t want to go to the shouting room — you never know, but I heard the conversation between Nastya and someone else well.
And through the gap between the wall and the door, I also saw them.
Nastya (in one dressing-gown, and loosely buttoned) took a box from a young guy in a strange cap and signed on the form.
The courier wished all the best and set sail, hardly taking his eyes off Nastya.
I chuckled.
What is this girlfriend started? Then Nastya turned, opened the door and faced me, almost dropping the box.
Ha ha ha! Well, you and smart! – smiling told me Nastya.
– Well, I have a gift for you! She rummaged in the box, so that I did not notice that it was in it and handed me a rag narrow case, similar to those in which put phones.
I pulled the strings, opened it and.
screamed for joy – there were beautiful purple anal balls in it! Oh yeah! Nastya! I always wanted such! – I screamed.
Nastya smiled knowingly, put lips to me so that I could kiss her and asked Are you glad? After I once again confirmed this, she said that she had to pay for gifts and asked if I wanted a dick in my mouth.

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Of course I want, Nastya! – I replied.
– Such a whore, as I always want a member, and the more the better! And if you choose between a member and me, then what would you choose? Oh, God, of course you.
And if I had a dick? She asked with a sly smile.
I didn’t know what to answer and then the answer came by itself – Nastya took a strapon out of the box! He was big – 23 cm in length, as I learned later, ribbed, like a real member and with a

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curved end.
There was no limit to my delight.
After I’ve gotten enough on my mouth and naked, Nastya suggested that I try him in action and firmly fastened him on myself.
I lay down on the bed and began to caress myself.
Nastya helped me excite myself – at first she dug into my lips, deeply penetrating my tongue into my mouth, then she spat on my chest and tummy, rubbing it all with her chest.
In the end she dug into my pussy and then I was ready.
Nastya easily and quickly entered her strapon into me and began to fuck me quickly.
I personally, always wanted to have a strapon to fuck myself, to fuck others with a strapon seemed to me boring.
Well, the truth is that there can be interesting here – you imitate yourself as a male with a big dick.
Cool, but no more.
However, apparently, Nastya did not think so.
A tense expression froze on her face, her eyes were covered and rhythmic moans escaped from her mouth.
Soon I realized that I was finishing and Nastya, who also understood this, accelerated her frantic pace, practically tearing me apart from the inside.
Because of the lack of lubrication (except for my discharge, there was nothing), a strapon sometimes gave me a lot of pain, and this excited me even more.
Now, when I finished, it brought me such a strong orgasm, which I have not received yet from one man (and here I received from Nastya even worse).
Not allowing me to come to my senses, Nastya ran a strapon over my lips and I dutifully licked my own discharge from his hard surface.
Well, friend? – she asked.
Super! – I replied.
And now we are changing.
Finally, I thought.
Now, I know what the thrill of intercourse with a strap-on from its owner is.
I took the strap-on from Nastya and fastened to me.
It was fastened tightly, which I already liked.
I was in no hurry to put it in the hole of my friend.
Touched, felt, looked, and then decided to excite better Nastya, so that her pleasure from sex was above all expectations.
I pushed her onto the bed, spread her legs, smacked her finger and began to dig in her anal sex.
It was pretty clean, but I climbed deeper and took out a finger, gave Nastya to lick her shit, which she did. Bongacams rebecca.

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