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But there was a good ikidok, a young, slightly older guy.
He was, as they say, a peasant with a head, decent technique, and abilities of a teacher.
During our first visit to his classes, Valerka and I crushed him for about three minutes in a couple of minutes.
But one on one, he put us with almost no options, so there was something to learn.
In addition, it was interesting to communicate with him.
So this time we naprygalis in full.
So at home I just took a shower and fell asleep.
When I woke up the next morning, I saw a leaden sky through the window, from which long rain streams stretched to the ground.
Stormy rivers flowed along the sidewalks.
When I called my boss, I asked him to give me a day off for today and tomorrow, and with a clear heart, I took up the morning workout.
Then he took a shower and made breakfast.
The first thing I called the studio.
The call was answered by a girl with a pleasant voice, who introduced herself as Nika.
Suspecting that there will be no answer to direct questions, I have long powdered her brain, telling me that I would like to order advertising stands from them, but I have no idea what could be depicted there.
As a result, I was offered to come and talk with one of the designers.
Accordingly, I found out where and when to meet with these same designers, clarified the names of those with whom I can meet for a preliminary conversation.
Surprisingly, Christina among the artists proposed to me was not.
I had to cheat, saying that my friend highly recommended some Christina.
Then luck smiled at me.
Yes, there is such, was the answer to me.
But now she is busy with a big responsible order.
In general, she is grabbing and will be busy in the near future.
Thanking Nick, I promised that I would definitely come back the other day and put the phone down with a feeling of disappointment.

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No useful information could be found, except for the name of my passion.
And I had no choice but to just drive up to the studio and try to wait for my passion there.
What I did.
It rained all day.
And I was sitting in my behe at the entrance to the building where the studio was located.
In the beginning, I watched with interest as people ran through the puddles, trying to hide under umbrellas.
Happy couples without umbrellas ran several times.
Here they had a shower was not a hindrance.
Once such a couple stopped almost opposite me and kissed for a long time in the rain.
It was all so sweet.
But as time passed and I began to lose hope that I could meet Chris.
And without that gloomy day began to darken gradually, turning into the evening.
My heart sank somewhere in the heels.
I could not see the girl’s face because of the lowered umbrella, but I could not recognize her.
From excitement, I inserted the key into the ignition lock on the second attempt and, having waited until the girl got away, slowly caught up with her.
– Hello! Sit down, give me a lift – I opened the passenger door.
At first, a misunderstanding was reflected on the girl’s face – she obviously didn’t recognize who invited her by car.
But when she understood everything, a whole kaleidoscope of emotions passed on her face.
Chris was clearly confused.
“We are hardly on the way,” uncertainly, making an attempt to continue the way on foot, she tried to get rid of me.
– On the way, on the way.
I specifically waited for half a day here, – I didn’t see any reason to hide the truth.
The girl stopped and stood for a few seconds, looking at me, and apparently deciding how to act.
Then she turned the umbrella and got into the car.
For a minute we were both silent, watching the raindrops rolling on the windshield.
– So, are we going? – Christina was the first to break the awkward silence.
– Yes of course.
Where? “I have a meeting with a client in Don Quixote in ten minutes,” Christina pointed to a tube in her hands. “I’ll show sketches for me.”
– Well, then we have a lot of time, we have time, – I began to realize with dismay that my plan was falling apart.
Don Quixote is one of the best restaurants in our City.
Two beautiful halls

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decorated in Spanish style and a bar with a dance floor.
There it was possible to sit with friends and relax, and discuss business problems with partners and dance with telochki.
But it’s just that you don’t usually order a table there, and you don’t get dressed in anything that has fallen into the hall. Bongacams naughty nastya.

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