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It only remained to remove them with a T-shirt, and put on a tunic.
Although it will look too sexy, and it will be necessary to constantly watch so that she does not bully, watch her postures, behind the hem, so as not to shine with her panties – but there was no other option.
When I left the toilet in a tunic – I received a new batch of admiring attention from the men of our car.
Although no one said anything in words, I understood from the looks that everyone was delighted: that solid man, and his young tall black-eyed neighbor, Nikolai, and Khryusha, and, of course, his naughty son, who secretly touched me at night, and not only touched.
And, of course, Misha mine was also delighted.

I have long noted in him a strange split: on the one hand, he is jealous of me and wants to take it as his property, on the other he likes when I show myself in all my sexual beauty.
When I stood and poured boiling water, Piggy passed by and, smiling, said: – Natasha, you look amazing in this tunic! – Thank.
– I would like to take a few more pictures of yours, will you allow it? – May be.
– I answered evasively.

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A few hours later I had this opportunity.
We arrived at some small, very nice station – the train had to stand for 56 minutes on it.
Everyone went out, but for some reason I did not want to.
I sat, solved a crossword puzzle, and got so carried away that I did not notice how the carriage was empty, and only Khryusha and I were left.
He quietly called me.
I looked at him.
The man beckoned me with one hand to his reserved seat, and in the second hand was a camera.
He called me to take a couple more shots.
Without hesitation, I agreed.
Passed and sat opposite the man.
He brought the angle and clicked me.
“Put your feet on the cot,” he asked.
I saw that he liked my legs, that he wanted to capture them.
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