Anisyia livejasmin pov.

Anisyia livejasmin pov.
A short, budding man with a small beer belly was literally rubbing his hands and carnivorous licked.
Seeing Tatiana in a depraved posture with her pussy protruded, she stopped for a couple of seconds, gazing at the woman below her belt.
At the same time, one of his hands was already undoing the zipper of his trousers, while the other at that time began to knead Tannins on his chest.
Another couple of seconds and the man imperiously entered the woman, who from surprise and rudeness almost instantly became wet.
Sex was tough, as was the table on which Tatiana had to sit.
Only five minutes later the man finished, just as abruptly as he entered, left the woman, rather smiling, asked: “Well, as I understand it, you are my new secretary for the next month?” Good, good, – and Tanya patted on the cheek.
The next three weeks flew by for Tatiana very quickly.
In addition to regular visits to the rest room, where the chef, in his words, “coached Tanya”, also had to do regular work.
Oksana also settled down in the marketing department and only sometimes, when she met at the office, she still smiled at Tatiana.
Over the bustle, Tanya even suddenly did not understand the words of the chief: – I think that in a week you should take the place of a personnel officer, all the more so since Mihalich I retire to retire, the old man sat up.

But we have a new vacancy: an economist in the planning department.
Pick me a woman for her, let her be married and blonde.
I hope for your taste and abilities.

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Only when Tanya came out of the office, it dawned on her what the chef meant.
With a carnivorous smile, she opened the directory and dialed the number of the employment agency.
A short conversation and after a couple of days a slender pretty blonde with a high school diploma comes to her reception room, timidly tapping her heels.
Now Tannin turn to come up with a test, and she decided not to miss her chance.
– Good afternoon, dear.
Yes, we need a new employee, but the first month each new woman must work as a secretary to the chief.
During this time he will thoroughly test it, if, of course, you pass the first test.
– And what does it mean to “try it out?” – also timidly, as recently Tanya babbled blonde.
– Do you really not understand? The chef says that good sex greatly improves the results of his work, and alone it does not work.
It is clear why we need a secretary? I hope you agree, or should I look for another candidate? – Yes, if there is no way out.
And what is the first test? And, – here the new one is completely confused, – can I first just see your boss? – We have such a tradition – the first woman to evaluate the chef.
And I will arrange the first meeting without any problems tomorrow.
Only our boss loves fun stuff, so I’ll try to console him.
So this is: half past midday near the grocery here around the corner right on the street, we will stand and wait for the chef.
When I see him, I will throw away a cigarette, and you will smile at him sweetly.
Do not hesitate to please you.
– And it’s all? – Feeling some kind of trick, asked the blonde.

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yes,” Tanya pretended to have forgotten something insignificant, “you will be in a light dress, underwear, of course, you also don’t need to wear clothes, and even when you smile, you will lift your hem so that you can see the most important thing .
Without giving up, Tanya pulled out a prepared bag with a dress from the drawer and handed it to the blonde woman.
The next day everything went as though written: the girls were standing, Tanya was smoking, and the new employee awkwardly shifted from one foot to the other under the surprised looks of the men. Anisyia livejasmin pov.

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