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I looked at Olya, her head rhythmically moving up and down.
I heard her sucking dick and it was so nice.
When a member was in her mouth, she felt such a wet and tender warmth, and when Olin’s head was rising and her mouth was releasing the member, then a light breeze blew through the wet and sensitive part of the member, it is pleasantly hard to imagine my advice, try it) Olya again released the member, took it hand and nadrachila him gently, not very quickly, with the same rhythm as she had just sucked him.
She looked at me smiling, I smiled too.
Do you like where we do it? She asked.
In response, I just closed my eyes and opened.
Will I continue? – playfully asked Olya.
I put my hand on her head and gently pushed to the member.
She understood correctly.
She took the dick in her mouth without removing her hand, her hand and soft lips were simultaneously sliding on the dick.
The tongue tightly pressed against the member in the inside of her mouth and slid along with them.
He began his slide from the tip of the head, then passed along the bridle and reached the foreskin.
Olya I do not know how I moved them to the sides, it turned out her tongue painted a snake on my limb.
She picked up more moisture in her mouth and lifted her head.
Leaving all the moisture on the joints, her hand rose higher to the head and began to jerk it with a quick movement.
Head and bridle member, gently and quickly.
I looked at Olya without taking my eyes off, I watched how she sucked, how a member enters her mouth and how it comes out of it. Porn in live.

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Oh yeah, first a little about my appearance.
I am blonde (I have long hair up my butt, my bangs on my side) and with green eyes, a small chest, a thin belly, and an appetizing ass.
Many guys like my body, every time I catch eyes on myself, women envy me.
I like it so much – but my brother.
Thanks to him, I didn’t have a lot of time for a guy.
But this is already behind.
in the future I want to go to the doctor.
This weather reminds me so much of my childhood.
When m walked with their parents in the park or picnic.
such moments were rare.
Well, now life is getting better.
I came home in a very good mood.
the house was quiet and peaceful.
Even a little sad.
Hey, I’m home! – I cried happily.
I am in the kitchen! – shouted my Arturchik.
I adore my brother, he is my best.
I ran into the kitchen and jumped onto his back and kissed him on the cheek about my news.
He praised me (and I love so much when he does it).
Then I made coffee.
we drank if any of my sweets (and I am a sweet tooth) and talked about many things: they remembered the past, talked about the present and dreamed of the future.
We got so bogged down that we didn’t notice how evening came.
All I do is shower and sleep! – I said in a sleepy voice.
I so wanted to sleep.
Good run baby.
– my brother said gently and kissed me on the cheek, I ran into the shower.
After a shower, I put on a nightgown, I went to bed and then, I didn’t want to sleep at all.
I began to think what to do.
when suddenly something toli itched.
there in shorts.

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thrust out my hand and, making several circular movements, felt some kind of pleasure.
I really liked it and decided to continue it.
My girl already flowed.
she was so hot, throbbing, slippery.
and so wanted to touch and touch.

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Then I wanted someone to caress her and I accidentally presented Arthur before me and I liked it.
Suddenly I felt so good, I began to pant and I finished it !! A little breath, I went into the bath.
Returning from the door closed behind her and walked to the bed.
It was late, I turned to the door and found that Arthur was standing behind the door the whole time.
He was very angry, and I was so scared that I hid under a blanket and began to cry.
He stood a few minutes and even for a while it seemed to me that he was gone.
but alas no.
I calmed down and could no longer cry.
I was afraid to look into his eyes.
I was scared and ashamed! Then it became hard for me to breathe under a blanket and I got out of there.
Art (as I like to call him) sat on the edge of the bed and smoked.
He was completely calm.
bud me and no near.
I looked at him.
He sat back to me, smoked and looked at the wall.
Then, having finished his work, he turned to me and said in a calm, angelic voice: Calmed down? Yes, I said uncertainly.
Now can we talk? Yes OK.
Mm apparently you did it for the first time without even watching porn? Not.
I watched porn with my girlfriend at one time.
but about it yes.
this is my first time.
Don’t do that well anymore.
This should only be for a husband, and after the wedding night you can do whatever you want with your body, okay? Yes.
but it’s just my body and I don’t think that he will know what I was doing.
And yet promise me.
I promise, and you promise that you will not tell anyone.
I look like an idiot who will say such things and more about his sister? No Well, that agreed.
He kissed my forehead and left.
It became a little easier for me and I fell asleep knowing that I could not keep my word.
May 25th
9 am.
I woke up and made breakfast went to the shower.
Then she got dressed, ate and went for a walk.
I returned to dinner.
Arthur was at home with his friends, whom I hardly knew.
Hi Arturchik – I said and entered the living room.
Arthur? – the guys laughed. I don’t see anything funny in that, I said.
I didn’t like them right away, although they were prettier in appearance.
Whoa, what are we angry about?
Come on, Lubka I am not Lubka, but Luba, okay? Let us not wrestle – said my brother.
Dimka, Max, David – we will not quarrel drunk Kirill said in the insole.
The guys were silent.
You are drunk? – I asked Kirill.
So what? I walked over to Arthur and with his head up I looked into his eyes.
It seems not drunk.
So gentlemen, you better go home and sleep, okay? What? Get out! – I screamed.
The guys got together and left. Best hairy model porn pics.

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I hope you will be less embarrassed by them than your uncle! “, I resolutely went to the phone and slowly began to dial 03.
“Uncle!”, Yulia closed, “will you really call the asylum?” “But I don’t just throw words to the wind!”, I continued to turn the drum of the phone.
“Uncle, don’t! Me.
I agree! “” On what I agree? “” So that you do an enema for me! “, the girl for some reason again switched to” you “and blushed deeply.
“Well, this is a different conversation!”, I left the phone alone, “let’s go to the kitchen, you will help me to prepare the solution for the procedure!”, I ordered and the girl doomedly dragged after me.

I took a saucepan, poured 2 liters of cool water in it, added a glass of vegetable oil, a teaspoon of salt and a few drops of liquid soap to it.
Eatem gave Yulia a large wooden spoon and told her to stir this solution well, but he chose an Esmarch mug for enemas from the closet and went to the bath to wash it inside and outside.
When this was done, I returned to the kitchen, opened the “mouth” of the mug, and told Yulia to pour water from the pan there, which she did.
“Now, Julia, open the tap on the hose and close the water as soon as water runs out of it!” “Why, uncle?” “To bleed air.

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Well done, Yulenka, you did everything right.
And now spread the enema tip with petroleum jelly so that it won’t hurt you when I start stuffing it in your ass! ”
The girl, again reddening deeply, took the box with Vaseline and carefully smeared the tip with it.
“Excellent!”, I said, “well, now I can start the procedure.
Take off your robe, panties and get on all fours, Julia! “” What, right here? Or maybe better in the toilet? “, She asked.
“There is not enough space in the toilet, it will be inconvenient! And if you are afraid that you do not have time to run to the pot, then we have a plastic bucket here!”, I replied.
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Asian massage girl privat video. Then she got up from the couch and grabbed me tightly by the ear led to the TV, then dropping to the table behind him, poked her nose in the dust that I didn’t brush away when I cleaned it .
– What is it?!!! she said, sticking my nose into the dust once more, and twisting my ear more painfully, so I groaned, my ear burned.
But it was even worse from the shame that I felt, wriggling like a little boy.
– Hmm.
Apparently I didn’t allow me to stay in shorts, so you know little, I think total nudity in front of me will allow you to become a more diligent and obedient boy: After a little thought and smiling at her thoughts, she added: – Come on, take off your pants and hide them away, You will not need them in the coming days, I promise you.
My sister could not stop laughing, from which my heart began to pound even more and I was ready to fall from shame.
– Live !!! – stressed hard, and categorically uttered sister.

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I had no choice but to pull off my panties, and threw them near.
Sister watched me with interest.
– It is a pity that only I observe this picture, it would be useful for you to be ashamed, for example, before a class of girls.
Hee hee.
I stood completely naked in front of Anastasia and covered my shameful place with my hands.
– I think I said that you have to hide her panties !!! Running! To do this, I had to remove my hands from my groin, and in order to put the panties in the closet at the very top, I had to stretch out into a string, giving a curved back and ass to the general review, I was burned with shame.
All done, I again stood in front of my sister on the hood, and covered my groin with my hands.
– A brother must be fully open to his sister, both in his thoughts and thoughts, and in his body.

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So NEVER dare to hide something from me, even with your hands, even with your thoughts.
Well ka hands at the seams! And if you try to cover yourself again, your drink will be very, very painful, and you will regret it very much.
I shamefully lowered my hands, immediately hearing laughter.
– Haha !!! Why should you hide it! I think any eighth-grader has more.
I lowered my head and looked at the floor, because it was shameful to look at my sister.
– Although: I really do not like that you have so many hairs there: I think obedient guys have pisses and testicles should always be bald and open to any eye: well, nothing, we MUST correct it, but a little later.
– My sister could not hide her cheerful mood and laughed out of her breath.
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