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I suspected that this was due to the vertigo that had just been experienced and the mysterious voice “behind the scenes”.
The worst thing is that I have long wanted to write, and the sharp tickling prevented me from enduring the urge that was

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growing with every second.
“Wipe your testicles well,” Olga Larisa asked, “The boys are usually the dirtiest there.”
Covered with goose bumps from the next touch of a cold napkin, I could not resist and began to write.
– Oh! – Surprised burst Oli.
– What a surprise! – Larissa grinned, – Lift him his pip.
Yeah, just like that, to send a trickle of gauze under the booty.
– I thought only babies are engaged in such things.
– Biennial, as you can see, too.
Both babysitters giggled softly.
I wanted to fall under the ground with shame.
– Did you do it on purpose? – Olga turned to me a little offended tone, – Look, I was splashed with a half-arm.
“We have enough spare gowns,” said Larisa.
“And why are boys so fond of letting fountains on a changing table?” – Olga smiled, – And at the most inappropriate moment when wiping between the legs.
– Or you smear with a children’s cream, – Larissa added.
“I don’t know the sale,” thought Olya, “Are the napkins too cold?” Listen, and maybe the kids have such a reaction to tickling? – I also thought about it.
The next second, I felt another dizziness – and the phrase “Not a bad idea.”
Olya and Larisa didn’t react to the “voice over” in any way – it seems I was the only one who heard him.
– It remains only to anoint children’s cream, – said Olga, picking up a blue tube.

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Larisa still held my legs up and Olya squeezed a drop of cream onto her index finger and began to tickle them between my buttocks.
I startled, frightened, feeling how she unceremoniously dug a finger into my hole.
– What is better cocoa? – Larissa asked with a laugh.
– Aha, – Olga giggled, quickly pulling my finger out of my ass.
Having squeezed out a new portion of cream on her fingertips, Olya started smearing my scrotum.
The tickling was so unbearable that I instantly became covered in goose bumps.
– Poor boy, – Olga regretted me, – So afraid of tickling.
“Somehow she will survive,” Larissa grinned. “And I advise you not to stand directly in front of him, but to move a little to one side.”
– In case of a piss? – Olya giggled and the next moment I, unable to endure a sharp urge, splashed a thin stream from my pussy.
Unlike last time, the urge was much stronger, but the worst thing – it appeared quite suddenly, without warning – in response to the painful tickling.
I have never experienced anything like this in my life.
It only remained to be wondered whether my second “fountain of surprises” was a normal reaction of a two-year-old child to tickling or whether this world had its own order — established by a mysterious female director who owned voice-overs.
– Sasha! – Olga looked displeased at me.
– I warned you, Olka! – Larissa laughed.
– What’s up with him today? – Olya continued jokingly resenting, looking at a new wet spot on a dressing gown, – I found entertainment for myself! My cheeks were burning with shame.
I just wanted to disappear: to fall under the ground, to evaporate, to become invisible – but not to lie in front of them in this humiliating position – on their backs with their legs turned upside down.
Of course, my former “infantilist” fantasies did not even remotely resemble what was happening in this terrible world.
What I will wear after smearing baby cream, I did not recognize, because again dizzy and darkened in the eyes.
This time the discomfort lasted for a long time and led to a complete change of scenery.
I stood on the sandy beach of a large lake.
– Sasha! – A pretty young woman touched my sleeve.
According to the new “memories” loaded in me, she was my mom.
My virtual age has also changed – now I was 5 years old. Webcam anal compilation.

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