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That day she approached the selection of clothes carefully.
She had a meeting that was supposed to be the first step towards the implementation of her plan.
She knew Natasha by sight, she remembered her well, often looking at her profile in Odnoklassniki.
And one day, going to the beauty salon to do her hair, she saw that she had come in there.
Natasha made a manicure and then Katya heard how she made an appointment with a massage therapist a few days later.
Well, she, too, will go to the massage therapist at the same time.
Kate wore her favorite red translucent thong panties, light skirt and top.
She liked the fact that it was a bit cool outside and that her little tense nipples were easily visible through the thin material of the T-shirt.
Walking down the street, she never looked at the passing men, but she clearly felt their views on herself, more precisely, on her ass and today on her breasts.
She came to the salon.
Natasha was not there.
“Will she not come?”
“- flashed in her head.
She went to the administrator and asked where she should go.
At the moment when he answered her, Natasha entered.
Katya almost jumped for joy, but tried to control her emotions.
Well, of course, they had a massage in different rooms, and different masseurs did it for him, but this is not the main thing.
Kate has calculated so as to finish with Natasha.
And when, after a massage, she put on her pretty panties and threw on a light short robe, entered the rest room, and Natasha was already there.
She was wearing the same dressing gown, she drank coffee and read a magazine.
Katya, with an imperceptible movement, loosened her belt on her robe, so that it became almost wide open.
She went to Natasha, sat down beside her and immediately brought her coffee.

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Natasha glanced over at Katya, looked at her chest a little, almost completely visible from the section of the robe, looked down at the legs and the panties slightly protruding from under the robe and continued to read the magazine.
They make good coffee, – said Katya.
Yes, I like it, ”answered Natasha, but showed no desire to speak further and continued to read the magazine.
But Katya did not give up.
Have you been to a massage? She asked.
Natasha looked at her with great interest, and Katya noticed how again her eyes slid over her.
Yes, – she answered, – and you? Katya began to tell what was done to her, how good or not so good she was and how refreshed she feels now.
Natashka was sluggish at first, but then she was more and more actively supporting the conversation.
They talked and after an hour of conversation and a few drunk cups looked like two female friends who came to the salon together.
Before Katya was about to leave, they had already exchanged phone numbers, and she suggested: You know, I have two invitations to open a new club, all my friends are either busy, or do not want to go.
Come with me? She suggested.
Oh, I’m somehow uncomfortable, we are too much.
few are familiar, but I so strain you.
– Natasha began to object.
Nothing! On the contrary, you will help me a lot, I usually always find it very boring to be alone at such events.
They agreed to meet in a few days, Natasha said she would pick her up.
It was necessary to go to work, it was necessary to dress not very defiantly, but so that Vanya wanted her, today it was especially important.
Stockings always saved Katya.
Today she put on a short tight black skirt and a satin red blouse, unbuttoned on the two top buttons.
The length of the skirt was specially selected so that the attentive eye could see the top of the stockings.
Arriving at work, Katya almost immediately went to

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Van to the office.
She no longer needed to hide behind various pretexts.
Two unbuttoned buttons on a blouse in front of the entrance to the office immediately turned into three.
Katya entered and with satisfaction caught on herself the lustful gaze of Ivan, who simply devoured her from head to foot.
Kate sat down in a chair, legs crossed so that Vanya could clearly see her stockings, and bent forward slightly.
From there, where Vanya was sitting, it was evident how two beautiful dark swollen trembling quivering under her blouse.
I have a personal conversation, she said.
– You know, since I settled down, I have long wanted to be alone with you, but not at work. Teen anal toy webcam.

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