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Fascinated by the sound of the flute, the mermaids rushed back into the lake, and, holding hands, immediately spun in the water in a kind of slow waltz! In the white dance of two young single undines, beautifully illuminated by oblique purple-pink rays of sunset! “How beautiful they are.
– Vasilis sighed inwardly, enjoying their dance.
“The lovely goddesses of this lake.”
“Continuing to extract the intoxicating melancholy from the flute, he gazed at the dancers, idly catching in the pink prism of the evening, like every shine of their tails’ scales and shimmering hair, and their quivering embraces with playful kisses.
The latter, gradually began to build up excitement in him – seeing that, to the play of his flute, the tailed sister kissed each other ever hotter, he finally felt in his loins.
A fire of male desire has broken out! “Oh Gods! – immediately flashed a thought in him.
– Looks like I want these nyad sisters! I want these twins! ”Burning in the flaming fire of excitement, he, nevertheless, having managed to finish the game with dignity, again sat back on a boulder.
– Bravo, Vasilis! – with a sparkling look, Julia sang cheerfully, sitting next to him.
– Your flute playing was awesome! You respected us very much! – True, Vasilis, you’re well done! – Inna poddaknula her, emerging from the other side.

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– You’re just a clever! Fun shining dull eyes, they gave him the next glow of their smiles.
– Thanks, girls.
– again embarrassed, muttered Vasilis, shifting his hips closer.
– I’m glad you liked my game.
– And our dance – did you like our dance? – Julia asked in a singing voice.
And, slyly, with her eyes glittering, she removed wet hair from her left breast, at once exposing his spiky “lemon” of snow-white boobs to his eyes! Tits of the second size, which was attractively topped with a tender-scarlet berry of a large papilla! – Wow.
Yes! – he just hooted, looking at the revealed “wealth”, but, immediately overpowering himself, he spoke already looking into her laughing eyes.
– Yes, your dance was great! Like you yourself.
From this, albeit timid, but rather unexpected compliment, the twins quickly looked at each other and.
burst new giggles! He, having lowered the gaze from embarrassment, felt between his thighs that his good member was only filled with hot blood of arousal! – If so.
– Julia sang gently to him.
– Do not you respect you, now

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us and your nectar? – What? – Vasilis exclaimed in amazement, disbelieving his own ears.
– Well.
hee hee
– the mermaid grinned in a smile.
– What are you thinking about? – Yes, so, about anything.
– He blushed, again, unwittingly looking away.
– Of course, girls, I will treat you to wine.
Putting aside the flute, he handed the tailed maiden the fur, and she immediately stuck to the open neck with his “fish-like” mouth! – Ummm, delicious! – a minute later, Julia exhaled enthusiastically, casually spilling several heady jets on herself.
– What is this wine, Vasilis? – From Boeotia.
– He said, again looking at her outstanding “lemon”.
– It is there that make the best wines.
– Oh really?! – Ondine was amazed, and, merrily glaring with her eyes, threw the fur in an odd-faced little sister.
– Try it, Inna! Squirt webcam hd.

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