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I wore a dress that did not even cover my hips, and shoes on a huge hairpin.
Prettier and called a taxi.
Half an hour later I rang the doorbell of his apartment.
He met me only in jeans and bare-chested.
We went into the living room, in which there was a huge leather sofa and a table, on which stood glasses of wine.
He turned on the music and offered to drink.
We talked, drank and gradually he sat closer.
After the next glass I asked for the toilet.
Being excited, I started to start playing with my pussy right on the toilet, but decided to tease her and give her a real male.
Returning to the living room, I opened my mouth in surprise – the guy was completely naked and stroked his considerable member.
He quickly approached me and dug his lips.
I picked up his impulse and eagerly touched and caressed his powerful powerful body.

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He picked me up and carried me to the bedroom on a huge bed.
I was lying on my back, and he was kissing my neck, shoulders.
From this, a shiver ran through my body and gave creeps.
How long no one caressed me so much! He took off the straps of my dress from my shoulders and began to play with my tongue with papillae.
He licked them, nibbled, and moved from one breast to the other.
My nipples hardened and bulged out, making the feeling even more pleasant.
He began to descend to the tummy, running his tongue from top to bottom.
I enjoyed petting and was already exhausted from the desire to be a good fuck – my pussy got wet and asked for a member.
But first she got another one – the sweet tongue began to caress her.
He played with my clit, licked it all over and stuffed my tongue inside.

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l, then connecting and fingers.
I began to moan loudly and ask him to finally enter me.
But he teased and energetically fucked my hole with three fingers already, playing with his tongue with the clitoris.
With his free hand, he pulled off his jeans, under which there was nothing.
I realized that soon I would get what I wanted, turned over on my tummy and pulled out my ass.
My wet and wet pussy beckoned him and he, settling down comfortably, began to enter me.
I was overwhelmed by the ocean of pleasure, how long I waited while the dick was in my hole.
I felt his huge penis penetrate deeper and deeper into me, slowly at first, and then more energetic.
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