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He already knew that I was halfway to falling in love with him.
I told him about this shortly after we met.
But he is gay, I always reminded myself of this, it is useless, because, even though I wanted him so much, it will never happen.
Now, when I got to know him closely, I hoped that I could return to my husband and hide this passion deep inside me.
Or at least be satisfied with what was waiting for me at home.
True, I was not completely sure that this was possible.
We spent the rest of the evening talking, eating pizza and listening to music.
The pizza was fantastic, big pizza on a thick dough, American-style, five centimeters thick, covered with flowing cheese.
“I won’t be able to eat any more crumbs,” I said after one and a half pieces, “Do you believe?” “I am proud of you, Dina. Mom masturbation cam.

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