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Milashka 244 bongacams.
Having slept a couple of hours, I woke up when it was already 7 am: I didn’t get better, but I was glad that I was on vacation now and I didn’t have to go to work in such a state.
I again spent half an hour in the toilet to no avail: And then I remembered that on the top shelf in the bathroom I had an esmarch mug, which I had been buying for a long time just in case.
I knew that in such situations an enema helps a lot and decided to check it for myself.
I filled it with two liters of warm water and a glass of vegetable oil for the best effect, hung it over the bed.
And on the bed itself was a towel just in case.

I have never done an enema for myself, so I didn’t know what sensations I had: Then I lay down on my back and squeezed some vaseline out of the tube, first smeared my anus with it, and then pushed it into the intestine as deep as I could.
Then I lifted and, as far as I could, I pulled my legs bent at the knees to my swollen stomach and very carefully inserted the enema tip into my ass.

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It was a very pleasant feeling.
Then she slightly opened the tap on the hose, so that the water flowed very slowly.
At first I didn’t feel anything at all, but after two minutes I felt the warm water bursting through my guts, and the gas was boiling in it: The stomach began to swell up slowly, and if earlier it was almost flat, now it was strongly above the chest.
Inside, everything rumbled and gurgled, and more and more wanted to go to the toilet.
But half of the enema remained.
Suddenly my guts twisted a strong spasm and I immediately blocked the water.
It was impossible to tolerate at all and I decided to change my position.
Turning carefully to my left side, I began to breathe deeply and stroked the gurgling belly.
The spasm decreased not all the same I could not continue.
Milashka 244 bongacams.

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