Livejasmin old version.

Livejasmin old version.
Who is the gift for? ”I didn’t have time to think of anything and said that I want to give her a gift.
“You are sure,” she asked, “but how could you not regret it.”
I said that I was absolutely sure, and she went to the fitting room, taking several panties and bras with me.
I stood and listened to the rustle of clothes, when she undressed, blood rushed to my head.
Is she now come out in a sexy lingerie, which is dressed specifically for me? I just did not fit in my head.
After a couple of minutes, the curtains of the fitting room parted, and she came out to seem to me.
She was wearing stunning black stockings at the waist and a beautiful bra that lifted her gorgeous breasts.
She covered the groin area with her hand, apparently still feeling shy a little.
“Well, do you like it?” She asked, appreciating my admiring glance.
I replied that very, and that this is the best New Year in my life.
She smiled and disappeared behind the curtain again.
Then I heard her asking for something else.
I looked around and took another panties, which brought her.
She told me to come in.
I turned away and put my hand with panties into the booth, not looking inside.
She grabbed my arm and literally pulled me inside.
A second later, she was already kissing me passionately and stroking my hair.
From the excitement, my dick seemed to burst now.
We kissed, standing in a cramped booth, and her hands were already examining my body.
She instantly unzipped my pants, and pulled my handsome out.
He was already full of lubrication

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from excitement.
She squatted down and immediately took it in her mouth.
Her caresses were amazing, she sucked my dick, rolling eggs in her mouth, while playing with my ass, thrusting one or another finger in there.

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I groaned loudly, not caring at all that any of the buyers could enter the store, I already absolutely did not care for that.
She swallowed deep, I felt like my dick rammed through her throat, and I loved it wildly.
Soon I felt that I could not restrain myself and plentifully finished right in her depraved mouth.
She swallowed all my cum and licked my lips.
Then she got up and started kissing me again.
I could taste my own sperm, kissing her on the lips that just squeezed my dick.
She whispered that it was now my turn to give her a present.
I started to paw her ass, then squatted down, gently took off her panties and was stupefied: right in front of my face was a swollen member who was crying for help.
Without much persuasion, I took it in my hand and pulled the skin off my head.
A drop of grease glistened on the prick.
A sour smell of sperm, urine and something else hit the nose.
After a moment’s hesitation, I carefully took it in my mouth.
As it turned out, there is nothing to worry about.
My beauty moaned and grabbed my head.
I realized what was required of me and began to repeat what she did with me a couple of minutes ago: I was sucking her cock, licking my head, playing with my testicles, in general, gaining experience.
My new acquaintance is simply baldela from my caresses: she put my head on her penis and squealed with delight.
After some time in the mouth hit the flow of sperm.
Unaccustomed to me, I choked, and part of it spilled on my chin.
She started kissing me again and lick the cum off my face.
She said that she really liked my gift and that she wanted to continue.
I said that I also want this with all my heart.
She closed the store early and we drove to her house.
On the way, she called someone and invited to her.
I understand that some of her girlfriend will come, in my heart I hoped that she would also be “with a secret.”
My dirty sexual fantasies turned into reality, and so quickly that I sometimes thought that I was dreaming all this.
In her apartment, she poured us a glass of wine and said that we need to wait for her friend, but for now she will prepare me.
By her order, I stripped naked and went to the bathroom.
There she soaped my body and shaved all the hair from the penis and ass.
After that, she applied some cream to the anus, which, apparently, was an anesthetic, that is, anesthetic.
She was preparing my ass for her cock, or rather, for her and her friend.
It was awesome! After that, she carefully dried myself with a towel and we both fell on her big soft bed. Livejasmin old version.

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