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With a passion for youth, one Feather caresses on the hero’s beret.
The other takes off, gentle and gentle, Armor worn by the battle.
And the third in the eyes of a mischievous light From the sheath of bulat pulls out, Hands embracing the sparkled blade, He gazes languidly at the knight.
The fourth swam in the dance around And whispers with deep melancholy: Oh, if only I had been yours, My dear from the human race! And the fifth knight to knight, He has tired members caressing; The sixth, after a pause, kisses everything, Lips hardly touching.
Our knight is cunning: he is not in a hurry to get up, open his eyes as soon as possible; In the light of the moon

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, it remains to lie, Mermaids gently cherished.
My neighbor, Irka, combed both holes. It’s easier for someone to give her. _ My years are growing. It will be me 17 By Navodvorskaya I will go in for sex! – I drunk and vomited with Matvienko, I vomit and vomit, But I couldn’t spoil her so that I could love all night! – Volodya has a big string stretching between her legs. If you want to piss, You can tie a knot!
Three girls, taking wine, They sat down to drink at the window.
They drank vodka with beer, and, as usual, chatted — who and whom I would like to be, And how easier life is to live.
The conversation was banal, Quasi-semi-sexual.
The girls are all like on the selection — The Black Sea would be scattered, The whole sea of ??his brothers would have been exhilating, rejoicing.
Let e ??# whether in the tail and in the mane, Like a playful mare.
Than suck guys, Better with a couple of horses, I used to frolic in nature Without panties and without reins.
And the fat girls have a whim — She dreamed that the pageWhere always and everywhere near, She caressing her ass with a look.
And as soon as she needs it – The page already has an eldagathoa to shove And reason with the maiden, And it will not go like b # meat, Suck everyone in a row, And you can’t finish it, If you don’t put it in the ass.

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The third girl is silent.
Then, with sadness, he says: “If I could become again whole, I would decide for a trick — I would have seduced the king — They all say that he is huge and e # is incredible.
I need x # yPo for a long time, like a buoy.
I stretched the vagina, Taking three x # I, I refueled them at once, Not afraid to break my pelvis.
I have it like a trough, And the manda is always open.
Spread as I want, If it is necessary for the doctor, Can feel the uterus, Stuck in the hands, as in gloves.
This is my misfortune — Only a huge elda, I am able to indulge me, because I still have an asshole to become # # here — dimensionless everywhere, Width and depthWill frighten any heroes.
Eyes were sad, a tear dripped sadly, Scratched under my underpants, And drank from a glass.
For a long time there was a sweet chatter — about three o’clock.
Suddenly, behind the door, someone rustledThe silence blew up like gunpowder.
The door creaked vilely, And the King came to that brothel, he was the one without condoms, Nicknamed Gnidon by all.
It can be seen, he did not sleep all night — Out of the fur coat, he was sticking up, Knowing from the woman’s conversations He was very much imprisoned.
And jumping like Tarzan, the King sternly ordered: Come on, stand at attention, “Who is still innocent of you?” This question took unawares: Well, you fool, this sucker, After all, he came, you go, not in the nursery, But to b # poisons, who clearly know everything for a long time, What is between the legs and from whom, And to whom something is inserted, If you wish to leave.
But the embarrassment passed, It became funny to the girls, And they decided to make jokes for the sake of play out the king those b # yadi.
“Oh, you, our father, the king, For you – even on the altar, But we are still tselyk, But we eat nuts like squirrels, With vodka, beer and wine. We gnaw at our mouth with a sweet mouth.
Though the “shells” are all simple, Our lips are golden.
Kohl do not believe, check it yourself, Just close the door more tightly, So as not to be accidentally blown away When you taste a vice.
Do not be shy, come and do not be afraid for mudi.
You can sit astride the stove, Right now, we still light a candle.
And take off the ports sooner, Because our mouths Are waiting for the royal zolupuyazykom taste palpable. ”
The king thought for a short time, He quickly took off his hat, his fur coat, He sat down on the stove like on a throne.
In the meantime, those three Around him rebelled in a row, In order to perform this ritual — Their solemn faces Greed to wash with sperm. Livejasmin free chat.

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