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I stretched my arms to the side in exhaustion.
Irishka fell silent, as if she had seen some unknown performance, which she liked very much, but the flow of surging feelings was so strong that she had to think over everything, put her thoughts in order.
I looked at this pretty face, all in my sperm, on my bare breasts, which my potential children also drained and a wave of tenderness to this miracle of nature rushed over me again.
I got up and drew the girl to me.
I kissed her again, spoke some gentle nonsense, stroked her ass and all body.
Sperm was smeared over us, but we did not pay any attention to it.
When I stopped to catch my breath, Irisha brushed a little off of her forehead with her finger and licked it, squinting slyly, as if giving me a debt.
I kissed her again and hugged her.
We sat embracing for quite a long time, the sun had long since risen high and scorched mercilessly, well, that both I and she were already tanned normally, so there was no need to wait for burns, but I wanted to cool off in the sea and she said: – Let’s swim naked, it’s still the sea there is no one. Honey bunny bongacams.

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