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A wave of sweet delight had already begun to spill over her body, when suddenly she heard the crunch of dry boughs.
Natasha gently pulled her skirt and panties, carefully got up and tiptoed into the depths of the forest.
As they approached, the rhythmic sounds grew louder.
Finally, she reached the bushes behind which these sounds were heard, pushed the branch aside and almost cried out in surprise.
One uncle, bending over another uncle, popped him something huge in the ass.
Natasha, of course, heard about sex, about male members, about how uncles with aunties do it.
But after all these were two uncles.
Natasha immediately had many questions: why is this thing so big? Why did one uncle climb another to this thing in the ass? Why is that uncle, in whose priest this huge organ moves, so groans?

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And in the end how, this thing crawled in the ass? When Natashka thought about it, she did not even notice how her hand reached down and began to caress the tuft.
Looking closely, she found out in one of the uncles of the local tractor driver Taras.
He puffed over the second uncle.
And suddenly Natasha saw what made her wonder rise to the skies.
Uncle, who leaned over, leaning on a stump was her own father! – Daddy what are you doing here with this uncle? Natasha asked.
The men immediately tried in vain to hide their occupation.
A pause of silence lasted for about a minute, until Uncle Taras said “Your father Natasha found a fungus, I tried to help him raise it, that’s all.
“-And why was your pissing in my father’s priest?” The girl insistently asked.
-Just at this moment I wanted to sign, and accidentally rested my pisses, your dad in the ass.

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The girl continued the interrogation: “Why did my dad twitch for so long, and wriggle your pussy?” —- He just couldn’t get off of her and tried to free himself.
– Taras said.
– I do not believe you! – Natasha said.
You did sex with my dad, I heard that you have to shove your pussy in our cave, but you never heard about the fact that you can shove it in the ass, and especially the boy.
Suddenly my father entered into the conversation: “Ah, Taras, Taras is a cunning motherfucker, don’t you see that my girl is very clever, she knows everything.
Yes, dear, I really had sex with Uncle Taras, but you shouldn’t tell anyone this, otherwise they will laugh at Uncle Taras.
Hidden camera japan massage salon.

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