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I knew, felt that she did not like it, but she resignedly lay in this position, and waited for my next actions.
And I took the cream and smeared her hole, preparing it for fucking, and then introduced the member without any caresses.
Then I put her with cancer, and bent her head to the bed, it was in this position that the priest was revealed most strongly, and the humiliation of such a pose added a lot of excitement.
Fucking Irka in the ass was very pleasant for me, I did not pay attention to the fact that this posture was not comfortable for

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her, which I often hurt her – I was fucking and enjoying it, not caring much about my “concubine”.
This went on for some time, until one day the following happened.
After another fucking in the ass, I lay with Irka, in her room, we were both naked, rested, I lay with my back to her, half awake, and apparently pressed my booty to her.
Suddenly, I felt Irkin’s hand stroking my ass and gently pushing the halves apart.
I froze – why I didn’t stop it, I don’t know if I disconnected, letting her do it with me.
The hand was aggressively moving to my hole, and here one finger pressed on the sphincter.

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I breathed more quickly but did not squeeze my ass, feeling Irkin’s finger penetrate there.
Then this finger began to move, I will not say that it was nice, but the sensations were new, and not unpleasant.
Irka fucked me with her finger more and more actively, and my excitement began to increase rapidly, I began to breathe more and more, and then did what I shouldn’t do at all, I slowly, without releasing my finger from the priests, got cancer.
The finger in my ass moved more actively, more persistently, Irka began to jerk my cock with her other hand.
The excitement rushed upward, I groaned quietly but groaned, yielding independently to Irkina affection, thereby recognizing the small, but her victory over me.
“Introduce one more finger” – unexpectedly for myself, I asked her, and asked plaintively, did not order, did not demand, but meekly asked.
Immediately in the pope, one finger joined the second one, bringing my excitement to ecstasy.
I suddenly imagined myself an Irkoy, who was fucked in the ass by her boyfriend, the owner.
The excitement carried off the remains of the mind in an orange shroud, and I, as was supposed to be fucking Irke, accepted her pose – I dropped my head on the bed.
My body sagged, the priest opened even more, to be in such a position was terribly uncomfortable, which gave such arousal, in which your opinion and convenience do not matter.
Irka strongly squeezed my cock and accelerated the fuck in my ass, and the orgasm did not hesitate to wait, it was terribly embarrassing, and it was exciting to cum from someone else’s hands in the pope and on the penis. Free livejasmin videos.

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