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Irina looked at Lika.
The girl pursed her knees.
I wonder how long is she here? Often take it? And from whom is she pregnant? “She probably can’t be fucked, it will suddenly give birth,” the hostess laughed. Besides, look, there are four cows.
What do you want? – You decide, mistress.
Irina bit her lip.

Now she will choose.
Who will it be? Maybe she? The hostess looked at Irina.
In her eyes.
Yes! Irina wanted this.
Here on the lawn, among the cows.
But the choice fell on the Asian.
The mistress unhooked the chain from her slave.
Soon he took the Asian from behind.
She moaned a lot.
For her, everything that happened was a game.
Irina could not take her eyes off.
She flowed.
Already the second cow was taken with her.
Simply and unceremoniously.
They are ANIMALS! And people do what they want with them.
Before you finish, the man left the Asian.
– Mistress will allow to finish? – he asked.
– Ofcourse honey.
On the grass.
The slave took the penis with his hand.
And soon poured out on the grass.
– Now write and go.

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The man set off.
on the sand.
Having finished writing, he returned to the hostess.
The woman hitched the chain and they went into the house.
Irina fell on the lawn.
How she wanted to cum! Spreading her legs, she tried to run the hoof.
But it was uncomfortable.
Irina moaned plaintively.
Time went by.
The cows ate, drank, walked on the sand.
The last to write went blonde.
Red as a cancer.
Irina smiled.
Stupid, this is so natural.
For cows.
The sun began to go.
Max and Jeanne came out of the house.
Having hooked the leashes, they were taken to the side of the garage.
There was a small “stable” there.
Each cow had a “stall” with a mattress.
– Rest for now, they will come for you – said Joan.
The cows lay down on the mattresses.
Next to Irina was a stall Lika.
The woman looked to the girl.
– How do you feel?
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