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But I was not taken aback and turned off the drove with two blows to the head.
While Samokha was busy with the radio tape recorder (a good radio tape recorder, imported, it could be pushed for good grandmas), a cop car appeared behind it.
We are in a car in a dark alley, not a soul around, the lights are not extinguished.
Cops, apparently sensing something was wrong, slowed down from behind.
Samokha and I lay low.
Five minutes passed, ten.
Cop UAZ stands behind us, no movement.
We did not notice how our carrier came to himself and how yelled:? Help!!! Kill !!! Samokha just shouted: – Atas! – We jumped out of the car and ran.
And in the hands of Samokha’s radio tape recorder: a danger is a danger, but the apparatus does not throw it away.
The cops went after us.
We dived into a narrow alley, where the car will not pass.
The doors of the UAZ opened wide and two policemen ran after us.
We were in the courtyard, where three five-story buildings stood in a row, then an illuminated playground, and again five-story

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There was no time to think: the cops were chasing us.
We had only a few seconds of advantage, while we were out of their sight.
If they ran across the site, they would have spotted us, so we dived into the first entrance, ran up to the fifth floor and rang the door.
The door was opened by a tall, slim girl in a home robe.
She did not even have time to understand anything: I immediately silenced her, grabbed it in an armful, and ran into the apartment with her.
The front door on all locks and heck closed Samokha.
From the depths of the apartment I heard a male voice: – Masha, who came there? – Samokha ran to the voice, holding a knife in his hand.
After some time, a guy somewhere in the bedroom about 30 years old appeared in his underpants and a T-shirt, who, threatening with a knife, was led by my accomplice.

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The landlady, Masha, who turned out to be this guy’s wife, not yet recovering herself, brought a band-aid and rope at our request.
We tied up the guy and sealed his mouth with a plaster to make no noise, and hid him in the closet.
I had no time.
The cops were about to arrive at the apartment with a raid, they probably already called for reinforcements and now they will be combing the area, realizing that we could not get far from them.
I asked Masha: “Is there vodka?”.
She replied in the affirmative.
Taking a half-liter from the hands of a trembling girl, I uncorked it and gave it to her: “Drink!”.
She began to refuse.
There was no time for persuasion, and I gave her a strong slap in the face.
She immediately went limp, took the bottle and, twisting her face in disgust, began, choking, to swallow.
After drinking about a third of the bottle, she hung on my arm and said with a stranded tongue: “I can no longer.”
Samokha and I drank the rest of the vodka with short but powerful volleys.
Vodka was warm and nasty.
But the desired effect was achieved: the tension released, the body spread warmly, thoughts did not dim, but the head became light-light and the body heavy.
I ordered Samokhe: “Take off your clothes to the cowards.”
At the same time, stripped down to the shirts and shorts, we threw our belongings into a closet.
On Masha, I threw open a dressing gown with a sharp movement, tore off her bra and panties.
Then it was not before that, but still I noted that Masha had not only a beautiful face with plump sponges and big eyes, not only exciting wavy strands of straw-colored hair, not only long slender smooth-shaved legs that were shiny with tan, but also a flat tummy , elastic melon-like breasts with appealingly protruding pink nipples, Brazilian sticking out the ass with two hemispheres spread apart to the sides, opening the perineum and from all the vegetation only a small, neat triangle of pubic hair.
But then it was not up to it.
“Well, set the table, mistress,” I said to Masha, wringing back her robe.
– Yes, I have nothing: – Cover what is.
But fast! Masha seemed to wake up from a dream, and hurried to the kitchen with uncertain steps.
Samokha and I quickly helped her: we opened a can of fish canned food, chopped sausage, bacon and bread, took a liter of beer and a bottle of brandy from the refrigerator.
In the pan, I broke all five eggs in the stock.
At my command, we quickly drank another glass of cognac, drank beer, ate sandwiches, when suddenly they phoned the apartment.
I pulled the belt out of the car robe and threw it aside.
Now she had to hold the robe with her hand so that it would not swing open.
In a harsh voice, I told her:? Xnxx hidden camera sex.

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