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Although later, thinking calmly, she realized that Kovacs would be the successor.
Lisa had a lot to learn.
Indeed, besides the fact that the teachers stimulated the pupils after the lessons, they had to regularly fulfill their direct duties during work.
In history lessons, Sergievskaya showed educational films, recited poems or put songs about historical events.
Svetlana offered essays with very unconventional and unfamiliar topics, did not force her to teach poetry, but offered to discuss them, although she herself could recite for hours.
And Lisa herself had to find interesting problems with non-standard solutions.
Sometimes she didn’t have any free time at all, so much was spent on preparing for classes.
But all surpassed Olesya.
Three leaders, who tried her caresses, fiercely studied mathematics, looking at the teacher with dedicated eyes.
Lisa foresaw that they would write the final annual exam perfectly, and everyone would have to be promoted again.
Strangely enough, she was in such a perspective without much enthusiasm: she did not care for any of the wards.
On the one hand, it was good: she could relate to them objectively, on the other – badly: she would have to go with someone she didn’t really want to go with.
Liza again appreciated the wisdom of Sergievskaya, who warned her about it after the dedication.
However, she was already completely resigned: man – he is a man.
In addition, all three were already relatively experienced, they didn’t have to explain and show much as the first time, and the fact that two of them, Lisa deprived of virginity, was already listed in her personal book of records.

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With eleventh graders everything was easier, more profitable and.
more boring.
As if meeting with an old lover, with whom not antipathy, but just circumstances.
So it turned out that with all four that she had to encourage, she met during her dedication.
So all of them have already known her as a woman, and there was not even a sense of novelty, but rather nostalgia.
Right from the doorway, they undressed without any frills and got down to business.
They firmly knew that they deserved an award, what this award was, and that they would certainly receive it.
Occasionally Lisa felt like a prostitute who received the money and should work it out.
There were, however, advantages: rarely when she finished with a grade 11 less than three times per night.
Therefore, she spent half the next day in bed, suffering from (or rather enjoying) the aching pain in the perineum, flattened jaws, hickeys and bruises on the most sensitive places, and strained muscles, especially on the thighs and groin.
One of them, Kostya Zhubarov, struck her with stamina and breadth of the repertoire.
She asked who encouraged him last year.
It turned

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out – Svetlana once, and Nadezhda and Alla – as many as three, one of them together.
It became clear that those who had undergone such versatile training would surprise any woman.
And then Gurgen and Volodya wrote a computer program that took second place in the regional competition.
Liza, in truth, was convinced that her role as an informatics teacher in their achievement was small, but they were either sincerely convinced of the opposite, or paid courtesy, or simply had a reason to make love to the teacher, but brought her a bouquet flowers and a box of chocolates.
True, no one had time to put flowers in a vase, and to eat sweets, because after the words of welcome from the boys and congratulations from the teacher, they immediately began to undress her, kiss and feel her at the same time. Webcam teen sex hd.

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