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It seemed to Diana that thousands of small needles, which were on the tip of Angela’s tongue, dug into it.
Angela put the candle in place and opened the closet door.
Seeing a whip in her friend’s arms, Diana went snag.
She understood what would happen next.
Approaching Diana, Angela swung and struck her across the belly.
Diana twitched, but the ropes with which she was tied up stretched, and the pain of the blows also added to the pain of the blow.
Angela dealt another blow.
Diana groaned from intolerable pain.
Now Angela has gone behind Diana.
The whip again cut the air, and a blood-red streak appeared on its back.
Tears came from Diana’s eyes.
She no longer thought of anything, only this merciless whip and PAIN existed.
Terrible pain.
She was already losing consciousness and was again recovering from the blows of the whip.
Angela continued to torture her friend, now with an ambivalent feeling.
On the one hand, she felt sorry for Diana, and on the other.
On the other hand, the essence of the devil forced her to whip again and again with a whip.
Unable to restrain herself, Angela leaned over and put her lips to the fresh wounds.
The taste and smell of fresh blood intoxicated her, and she began to kiss Diana’s tortured back, trying to suck as much blood as possible.
Diana didn’t even realize at first that the torture was over.
She opened her eyes and saw Angela in front of her.
On the lips and neck of her friend Diana saw the remnants of dried blood.
Angela ripped the tape from her friend’s lips.
But emaciated Diana had no strength even to cry. Watch sex and the city tv series online free.

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