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Without him, I missed and nervously looked

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at the phone, which was silent for a long time.
I was jealous and silent.
I closed my eyes to his “Kobelism” and the desire to seduce, forgave him a lot.
Only once he could not resist and decided on a serious conversation.
In the first year we studied a lot and rarely met.
I called him and he invited me to the cottage.
That’s where our second little adventure happened.
The cottage of his parents was in a very picturesque place on the banks of the Volga.
This was not a dacha in the usual sense.
a large country house, fifteen hundred square meters of land, the garden is all well maintained with caring parents.
Not far away there were two lakes and a small oak woods, in which it was quiet and peaceful – the place forgotten by God – beauty, and only.
Getting off the ship, I, Alex, and his thirteen-year-old brother Anton moved towards the cottage.
Twenty minutes later, they entered the house and immediately began splitting wood for the barbecue.
The evening was scheduled awesome.
kebabs, wine, fishing, songs with a guitar and all this in company with his beloved Leshka.
Enough to buy and play on the lake, we had dinner, remembered the school, sang songs.
Then they caught fish until late in the evening.
That day the fishing was excellent, the fish took excellent.
Then, having sent small to sleep, we settled down on the lawn around the house and began to talk.
Then I laid everything out, turned my soul, hiding nothing.
Lesha listened to me in silence, very carefully, did not interrupt.
I told him how dear he is to me, that I love him as I never loved anyone, he is my first love! I wanted to be with him and only with him, I wanted to make us happy.
He replied that he appreciates friendship, I am more than a friend to him.
But, unfortunately, he can not step over the line separating me from him, can not discard the installation.

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he likes girls, and with him he is very good.
He said that I am a true and loyal friend and in my own way will make me happy.
I liked his honest answer.
If happiness was, it condescended me that amazing evening.
The heart was light and calm.
I lived every minute spent with him, lay on his chest, counting heartbeats, listening to the silence of the ravishing summer night.
A huge starry sky spread over us with its infinity and struck by universal power.
There, somewhere very high, in transcendental heights, stars, galaxies flickered, satellites, comets flew along their own trajectories.
Stars lit up, extinguished, lived their lives.
And we felt like small specks of dust in this huge microcosm.
Holding hands, lay on the lawn and looked into this black abyss.
We were silent, we were well together, both were overwhelmed with happiness.
Lesha kissed me, hugged me and brought me closer to me.
We were silent, afraid to scare away the charm of the night.
I realized that he missed my caresses and wanted to feel again the caress of hands that I once experienced.
Gently kissing Lesha on the cheek, I inhaled the smell of his hair and body.
He took his face in his hands, brought him closer to him, kissing him on the lips, on the nose, on his beautiful, brown eyes.
He did not resist, he never knew what it was to have a true friend.
The guy let himself go through the waves of rising desire.
lay down on his back, closed his eyes, spread his legs apart, as if allowing him to come closer to himself and to the cherished male “casket”.
Waiting for pleasure, our hearts pounded frantically and were ready to jump out.
I undid the buttons on his shirt, kissed his nipples, chest.
Then slowly put his hand on his long-languishing member of solitude, asking, begging, no, insistently demanding attention to himself.
I lowered his pants.
Without saying a word, I slowly went down to his groin, until my penis was wet with excitement in my face.
Licking the head, I felt its salty taste, the member smelled the freshness of the forest and the river.
I licked it like an ice cream, then plunged it into my mouth until the pubic hair tickled my nose.
Hand stimulated his elastic balls.
The excited organ stood firmly, and when I let it out of my mouth, it was funny to knock about Leshin’s stomach.
Leshka moaned and squirmed like a little too, accidentally caught in a net.
Finally, I completely let go of his pants and completely captured his divine penis.
I licked the bridle, did the tongue with a tube and put a penis into his hole, crushed my ass, stimulated the prostate, kissed the belly and lips of a loved one.
Alex got up on his elbows and watched with interest the miraculous action. Watch online indian sex.

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