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Then resolutely closed the door on the key.
Leon flinched and looked at her frightened.
Vera Vasilievna.
Something is wrong? BUT.
what for.
– He shook his head in the direction of the locked door.
Yes, so that no one bothers us.
– Vera Vasilyevna flatly sat down right on the desk in front of him.
In the blue eyes of the boy reflected animal horror.
He understood everything, and tried to quickly get up from his seat, but Vera Vasilyevna turned out to be more agile and, putting her hands on his shoulders, forced her to sit back.
The boy was shaking badly.
Vera Vasilievna.
you are not.
and this? – he waved a written sheet of paper.
Lyonya, do you have a girlfriend? – the teacher did not pay any attention to the sheet.
Do not lie.
– She boldly ran her hand over his chest.

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He shivered even more and looked at her pleadingly.
– What are you looking at? Do you like me? I’m not attractive? Ver Vasilievna.
I am unattractive.
let go.
Leon, you are very beautiful.
Do me a favour? I’ll give you a credit, don’t worry.
– She stretched the boy’s trembling shoulders and suddenly suddenly dug into his lips with force.
He rushed and screamed, but could not escape.
From horror he was seized by a stupor.
Having kissed the boy, Vera Vasilyevna sharply pressed his head against her magnificent and still strong chest.
Lyonya inhaled the tart smell of French perfume, mixed with the unique warm scent of a woman, and he felt that despite the fright, something inside him was stirring, and a slight cramp brought down the stomach.
And Vera Vasilyevna, meanwhile, grabbed his hot hand and stuffed herself into the deep neckline of her dress.

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For a moment, the boy went numb again, but then his hand instinctively scuffed at the female breast, feeling it with interest.
Vera Vasilyevna sighed deeply and with satisfaction, realizing that Lyonya was no longer so scared, the interest and the possibility of intimacy with a woman supplanted his fear.
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She took his second hand and just put it on his chest, and she ran her fingers over his stomach, feeling through his sweater his hardness and plane, going down to his fly.
With soft movements, she stroked her, rejoicing in noticing how his member responded to her touches.
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