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Tisha campbell having sex.
I felt a certain omission in this, since she was a pretty girl, and therefore I spent the whole evening spinning around her, trying to get to know her better and win over me.
Lida turned out to be the same as me.
She worked as a secretary in a large office, and in the evenings she studied law.
Naturally, there was no free time for anything, and therefore she had been free for some time.
This was the key and perhaps the only detail that I caught from the conversation.
My attention was constantly shifting from Lydina’s wet sponges, which were all about babbling, to her wonderful breasts, perfectly accentuated by a thin sweater.
I remember, I thought: “Even if it’s a bra, the boobs under it should be what you need.”
By the way, Lida was about the same build as me.
Medium height, not skinny, but not that full.
My bust size was slightly larger than hers, and while Lida was perfectly rounded.
Damn that thin sweater! Lida’s eyes were blue and her hair was blond.
I was born a brunette, but recently went red.
This hair color more came to my green eyes.
In general, everything was fine, the alcohol and Lidino’s presence turned me on more and more, and when I felt her warm breath on my ear, she approached to say something, the music was too loud at that moment, I felt the panties I’m getting wet.
Lida smelled of lightness and freshness.
I don’t know if it was a perfume or something, but my mouth was even dry.
I had to drag this girl to bed with me! At some stage, closer to the night, I found out in a roundabout way that Lida was informed about my sexual preferences.
In a nutshell, sometimes I sleep with men, but only if the man is very handsome, or he has an awesome penis.
Most of my life, I fucked women.
Or they fucked me.
This member is inside, it’s nice too, of course, but not a single phallus can match the beautiful pink hollow between the legs of the girl.
I just love pussies, I love little peas in my clitoris, I love the smell of a flowing female, I love their taste! What can we say, cunnilingus is our, female field of expertise.

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Not a single man, who has ever come close to licking my pussy to the level at which women licked me.
Not all of my partners were equally good at this, but the best orgasms were always delivered to me by girls.
There was, however, one snag.
I had no idea how Lida feels about sex with women, and was very afraid to frighten her off by pressing too hard at the wrong moment.
She was with the guys, at least with at least one.
She said that she broke up with the guy at the beginning of the past year.
Asking directly was dangerous.
In addition, she almost never drank.
Unlike me, overthrown already the fourth glass.
So, to spoil her, too, was not an option.
The party slowly burned out.
People left, not even saying goodbye.
People fell asleep on sofas and armchairs.
Only twenty people remained in the house, and Lida and I were one of them.
We sat on the ottomans, right on the floor, and chatted.
I looked around.
The only person in the room, besides us, peacefully snuffled in the corner, watching the seventh dream.
The room was completely at our disposal.
And, about heaven, Lida issued the following phrase: – You know, I haven’t had anyone with anyone for so long.
– she hesitated on the word “sex”, but quickly picked up a softer term.

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Do you think I can forget how this is done correctly? I smiled.
My long-awaited moment has arrived.
Lida was embarrassed by my grin.
– In terms of how to kiss, keep yourself, and all that.
– She clarified, blushing.
– Right and wrong, this is a question of taste.
– I replied sarcastically.
– Yes, probably.
– She agreed modestly.
– If you want, let’s check how rusty you are.
– I suggested.
Lida looked at me in surprise.
Now it was obvious that this idea excited her, no less than me.
She gave out a little more frequent breathing, and paint on her cheeks.
Even though she tried to appear imperturbable, I clearly saw her breasts begin to rise and fall at an accelerated pace.
– On whom? – asked Lida, pretending not to understand.
I decided to play along with her, and then looked around, as if only now realizing that we were alone.
– Come on, at least on me.
– I suggested casually.
Lida hesitated.
– Never kissed a girl? – I asked.
– I kissed when I was little.
But, it was the same make-believe.
– She answered.
– Basically the same.
– I noticed.
My panties were already wet through and through, my nipples were upright.
I put the glass on the floor, and slowly began to move on Lida.
– Even the most interesting to me.
– I crawled up to her close, standing on four, and looking into her eyes.
– As a girl like you, appreciate my technique. Tisha campbell having sex.

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