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“Now let’s deal with your pussy: did you eat fat in silence there ?! What are you shaking like sitting in a filly?” Speaking as merrily and powerfully as he had just cast, he approached Misha.
– Right? I guess? Get away, look: – and Stas in the dryer with curiosity looked.
– Maybe you, son, received the parcel: and did not tell anyone about it: “Misha sticky then expired:” So: I do not see the parcel: – quietly Stas muttered with chagrin.
– And this: what’s in the corner there? Vaseline, – Stasik answered himself.
– Vaseline: and there is a smell: very characteristic: a specific mixture: vaseline smells, sperm: and – it smells here! Fuck, and fucked recently – all the evidence on the face: I huyu: not a barracks, but a sex hut for fighters: “Stasik turned to Misha – looked at him searchingly:” It smells like fuck, – he smiled.
“It smells: why did you rush here: I understand: you forgot Vaseline, son?” Misha jerked, – hiccuping, I could not say anything: he looked round like an owl, he was looking at Stasik with quiet horror: : Continuing to smile, Stasik glanced at his gaze: “Do you like to fuck in the ass? Do not be afraid: I asked only this way, for the sake of interest: “Having taken a bit of a breath, Misha, who was very sweaty, clapped his jaws:” I: “” I see! Like.
Me too: in the sense: chicks yet, you can fuck with a guy: Ce la vie! And how is the blowjob? In the sense of: how about a suction? “Salabon replied:” I-ik! “” I see! There was no question: Still, it means that I was not used to: “Stasik suddenly changed in anticipation of love:” I wanted: I wanted to pee: “” Where? The live sex.

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