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She, like Lena and Katya, treated them as things that were intended only to serve their Lady.
She loved to humiliate and torment her slaves, each time she came up with various tortures.
She loved stretching her slaves on the machine and leaving her in that position for several hours.
In the summer, she took out especially guilty slaves to the forest, tied a naked girl to a tree next to an anthill, previously wiggling an anthill with a stick so that the ants were more evil.
Five minutes later, the slave’s body was completely covered with ants that penetrated all the holes, but the cruel thing about this torture was that the slave’s crotch was smeared with sweet syrup.
The bulk of the ants sought to slave sex organ, they are so much stuck around him that the spectacle was not for the faint of heart.
After fifteen minutes of such torture, unconscious from the bites of forest ants, the slave was untied from the tree, brought to life, and she took out about an hour from all the holes of the remaining ants.
Ira loved to torture slaves with a current, contacts were attached to the nipples of the breasts, labia and the clitoris of the victim, the Mistress put out a certain voltage, turned on the current transducer, applied voltage.
During the torture, Ira constantly changed the current, making it stronger and weaker.
Despite the fact that the slave was tightly tied, she instinctively jerked, from the strong discharges passing through her entire body and the straps strongly cut into her flesh.
Irina had a lot of torture in her arsenal, which she periodically, consistently practiced on her slaves.

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But after such abuse, the slaves literally looked at their Lady in the mouth.
Sometimes Irina did not have time to utter the order until the end, and the slave was already in a hurry to fulfill it.
While Katina had slaves to her, she decided to check which slave prepares her or Katina better.
She ordered to cook the same dish, pike perch stuffed with mushrooms.

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Both slaves tried hard, they knew that the loser would not be good.
Both girls cooked very tasty zander.
Ira tried a piece of one and the other fish and concluded that Katina the slave cooked more delicious.
She angrily turned to her slave: So you have not learned to cook.
Why is the same dish made from the same products, Ninka got tastier.
For a long time, I didn’t punish you, cow, I’ll have to fill this gap today, especially since I have the right mood for the occasion, I want to torture somebody, and then there was such a case, it’s not a crime to take advantage.
Madam, I tried very hard and I do not know why this happened? Silence the creature, shut up, scum, your rotten mouth, your fault there can be no excuse.
I will also try very hard to come up with such a punishment so that you will remember him for a long time.
Take Valka, bitch, to the basement, tie her to the cross, I’ll deal with her later.
She turned to Ninke: You will also receive punishment for daring to cook a dish better than my slave.
You, bitch, lucky, I have a good mood today, I will not punish strongly, so I will throw out blows with a whip for my pleasure.
The slave, although she did not do anything, did not dare to object to the Lady, she was so trained by Catherine that she knew that the Lady did not demand from her, she had to accept it with humility and make sure that the Lady was pleased with her.
From childhood, Ninka wanted only one thing, to obey and find the real Lady.
Once on the Internet, she met with Catherine.
Nina understood that Catherine was the very Mistress whom she had dreamed of all her life.
She knew it was her chance and if she did not use it, she would hardly find such a Mistress.
In the correspondence that had arisen between them, she begged the Lady to make her her slave, wrote her long letters in which she poured out her soul, carried out virtual orders, reports about the fulfillment of which she sent in photos or filmed a video, communicated with Catherine using a webcam. Teen anal gape webcam.

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