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And Eleanor all teased running a finger across the pubis, on the “pussy.”
Interrupting for a moment, she handcuffed me to bed.
Then Eleanor began to massage my “pussy” with her fingers.
and very skillfully !.
I began to feel how she drove in my stomach with the tip of a knife.
I opened my eyes and looked at Eleanor.
Remember, I was talking about spells? – the nymph asked in a very exciting and erotic way.
– I said, burning with pleasure, which brought her fingers to me! Do you remember, I talked about creatures that may be useful for magical rites, with the subsequent acquisition of incredible powers? I remember.
Eleanor allowed herself to start driving with a knife edge around the entrance to the vagina.
but then she stopped the knife at the entrance to the vagina.
So you are one of these creatures! She said playfully, “You’re a converted Vampire.”
Vampire – a virgin! I didn’t think about it, ”I said, all excited in anticipation and feeling like a knife between my legs.
The one who deprives you of virginity – remains young to death !.
I can deprive you of virginity? Yes! – I practically moaned, realizing that a knife would enter me now, – I really want you to do it! Despite the fact that there was hellish pain, I was still excited and felt at the top of bliss! And I do not know whether the pill was the cause, or I am a masochist, but I experienced the wild pleasure of feeling the knife in my vagina! And then Eleanor dramatically pulled him out, and began to caress my vagina with her fingers.

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For a while we did not move, froze.
With a badly sore head, I wake up on the top shelf of a coupe, a condition such that you don’t wish anyone, to be honest.
My eyes are still closed, I hear that our neighbors have already woken up and are drinking tea, discussing yesterday evening.
Has everything that happened yesterday been

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with me? I open my eyes, gently descend to the lower shelf.
I don’t know how to look those guys who had fun with my wife yesterday, I don’t feel comfortable.
Yesterday I remembered not to the end.
Occasionally, pictures of the old day flashed in my head: here my wife takes Ruslan’s cock in her mouth, now they and Shamil meet their needs together, and my Masha looks at me with her blue eyes, in her eyes sadness, unwillingness to obey the children is read, along with excitement and animal instinct.
After yesterday, the guys were completely relaxed and the presence of Masha’s legitimate husband almost did not bother them.
The guys communicated in a businesslike manner with my wife.
I, of course, didn’t like it very much, but somehow I didn’t even know how to behave after last night.
Ruslan looked at me and said: “Good morning.
It is very hot in the compartment, there are no air conditioners, we suggested that the girl take off the topic and skirt, do you mind? Sexy sat tv live stream.

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