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“But how did your love end?” “One night a wounded Vahid came to me, he was on his last legs.
“Akhat, my squad was defeated, I alone survived, tomorrow they will find me, and they will torture me, I came to say goodbye to you and ask you to help me leave without suffering.
I wiped his groin with a wet handkerchief and kissed the blade.
Despite the shock of the host, the blade began to grow.
I took it in my mouth, he stiffened and stood up full.
I caressed him passionately and gently, lips and hands, swallowing and caressing the tongue, I felt the taste of the seed and then a shot rang out.
Vahid went away in bliss to another world.
I’m not ashamed of my love for a friend, guys.
This is the most precious memory of love in my youth.
We turned into a narrow street, and I could no longer hold back, I turned Tahir back to me and pressed it to the fence so that I rub on it with my dick, Tahir began to groan.
Passion overwhelmed my mind, but a police car, turned out from behind the alley, brought us back to reality.
Gafur sat in the cabin with his boys.
– Got you fagot? We rushed into the alley opposite, jumped over the duval, ran across the ditch to the neighboring yard and lay in the thickets of raspberries and mint.
Ghafur’s car crashed into a pillar at full speed, there were shouts, iron clang, cries, the lights went out.
– In vain you Tahir, Gafur shoved him in his face with a huy, he will not forgive you for this, will lower him like Babur, maybe tomorrow, maybe the day after tomorrow.
– If I do not have a brother, which was Akhat-aka, then of course nothing.
It was necessary to immediately “make friends” with Gafur, like Anwar.
“You are taking offense at me in vain, I will not give them to you, but I’m for all these nonsense of you, now I’ll put you in the ass so that the end will tickle your throat, and then in your mouth so that your ass will become hot – Farhaad! Tahir wheezed and threw me between the beds, I almost broke free, but he managed to drop my pants and sat on top of me, his finger was dangerously close to my point.

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Suddenly the door of the house opposite opened and a beautiful woman came out with a tray.
We froze.
A woman with graceful dignity approached the aivan, spread out a tablecloth and laid out the sweets brought.
Another woman came out carrying a kettle of green tea and a pialka.
I shook off Tahir, he lay down beside him.
On the other side of the house, men came out grandly waddling and puffing and oykaya settled down on the quince.
The women hastily retreated.
There were five men, maybe six.
Each of them suffered from obesity last degree, not curable.
– Do you know in whose house you are, favorite of Samarkand police? This is the house of the prosecutor Boltaev.
As we just slipped here, and how we will leave, look, everywhere the guards! – And I do not

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One day after another stormy night, I was lying next to my wife, stroking her and leading a leisurely conversation about what else we could try for sex.
Suddenly, Lena asked me if I was thinking about group sex, for example, to invite another woman or man.
I must say, the question was not unexpected for me, I myself in my sexual dreams fucked several women, at the same time filling them with liters of sperm.
Especially since in St. Petersburg this is very common.
– Come on, and whom will we invite? – It would be necessary for a young girl of 17 years old to think me, with a small breast, that would seem even younger, that’s cool, I fuck her.
Images floated before my eyes that caused a sweet languor, so they suck me together, beg them to take them, so I fuck our girlfriend’s ass and finish my wife in the ass.
However, the answer somewhat disappointed me.
– I would like another man.
My wife answered, it’s useless to argue with her and I had to agree.
Strangely enough, this idea began to excite me, from the thought that my wife would be fucked by another man in front of me and with my participation, the member became like a stone.
It did not go past Lena’s eyes, and after a few seconds my friend plunged into her mouth.
So excitedly she hadn’t sucked yet, my dick continually plunged into her mouth, so the balls rested on her chin.
A few minutes later I finished, swallowing Len’s cum, moved up to me, and we kissed for a long time, intertwining with tongues, while I felt the taste of my seed. Sex world online.

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