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Sex and roll cams.
Sasha pulled a member of my vagina.
And the two of them carefully removed the plug from my ass.
– Look, as the hole widens, gapes straight.
They put me on my back, Maxim took Sasha’s obmyagny member in his hands and pushed him into my vagina.
– And now together lift, so that I could get access to her priests.

I bent up and Sasha raised himself over me.
Maxim inserted a vibrator with a huge tip into my ass and turned it on at full power.
I felt like with the vibration began to grow inside Sashkin member.
– All Sasha, take out, once already got up.
In my ass, the vibrator continued to work, and they began to take turns injecting their members into my vagina.
It was awesome! I wanted it to last forever.
– Sasha, go to her mouth fuck.
Sasha moved to my head, I obediently took his dick in my mouth and began to suck.
Sashak stood over me and put my cock in my mouth.
And Maxim put on gloves, dipped them in cold water and began to introduce me at the same time in the ass and vagina with two fingers at once.
Gradually, he accelerated the movement and soon they began to hammer at me synchronously, Sasha in the mouth with a member and Maxim in both holes with his hands.

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I started to cum violently, Sasha pulled out his hands, lifted my legs and jerked him into the anus.
They finished at the same time, I almost choked on Sashkin’s sperm, when I felt like a stream of Maxim’s sperm rushed into my ass.
– Well done, girl.
Now I have to run.
But tomorrow we will continue.
For now, continue without me.
Tomorrow I’ll bring something else.
– Wash her Sasha, put the cork in and let her go with her until tomorrow.
He carefully examined everything between my legs, stroked, dressed and left.
And Sashka rubbed me and put a cork in me, pumped air into it.
And covered me with a sheet.
– Rest, baby, tomorrow you will have a hard time.
Sex and roll cams.

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