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Real sex caught on hidden camera. Freak! It’s an honor, not a job — to help grandpa: isn’t it? Sit down: and then wash yourself if you want, again, – Ashot winked.
– Do not be afraid.
Once – not pidaras: “- he whispered: and – Vaska winked jokingly again: So, what the fuck did Vaska have to do to the poor? – He stepped doom into the waiting room on stiff legs: the thought flashed: there would be Sanya, and Ashot wasn’t I would: Fear on my legs was sticky, my back was flowing with a stream, – Ashot whispered with a smile: “Didn’t you dry yourself, Vasek? Or so much sweat after a bath? I do not understand: In my eyes, bastards, you stop, but I do not like sweaty ones: go, Vasya, wash off! Yes, look there: do not shawl with Kulakova: – laughed, winked, Ashot.
– Go: wash, Bastards, ass! Carefully wash up: – On the shoulder Ashot patted Vaska poor.
– Come on! What the fuck, stuck idol? Take off your clothes, and – go ahead! At the same time, blasts, all taps shut, “- said Ashot.
And – Ulyudov mechanically began to take off his pants: Meanwhile, the waiting room was empty: the boys hurried out to prevent Ashot from catching his eye: The platoon was built – and into the company, waving, walked: It became quiet: Vaska washed himself alone: ??Ashot was inside the key closed: smiled: well, – he said quietly to himself, – we have about forty minutes: Dick readily jumped in his pants, and Ashot deepened his coat with wool – he squeezed dick in his fist, anticipating: “Hey, Ulyudyov! – shouted cheerfully.
– Where are you? Come out – I want to fuck! “- he opened the shower door, he shouted: naked Vaska appeared.
“Look, how slender and beautiful: do not be shy – we are alone: ??- Ashot winked playfully: smiled: – Wipe yourself with a towel, Vasya, otherwise you are all wet, fucking:” And – he laughed softly: Saying nothing, Vaska slippers shuffled to the place where he was wearing clothes to: “Is that fucking business ?!” – Looking into the shower for a second, Ashot came back right away, and Ulyudov: – I told you what the hell ?! ” Having worn himself off quickly, Vaska managed to pull on his underpants: “What the fuck are you: have you planned to mock me ?! Real sex caught on hidden camera.

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