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The freshest, rosanchik, one word.
Enjoy your holiday.
If you want something, then ring the bell, we instantly, sir.
The decoration of the hotel room was a claim.
The plush curtains, mirrors planted with flies, the indestructible smell of tobacco and fume.
After removing the uniform greenish coat, the official hung it on a hanger, disappeared behind the curtain itself, and from there came a noise.
Suddenly the heavy velvet fabric was thrown open and a vivid picture appeared before the girl.
Without a vice-uniform, with his pants down, squeezing a sticking member in his hand, on which a red ribbon was wound and a brilliant trinket of the award dangled, the official, picking his arms off, went out into the middle of the room.
Approaching the girl, he snapped his heels, tweaking the picture musically, introduced himself: – Collective assessor, Commander of the Order of St. Anna of the third degree, I have the honor.
Going around the table, I approached Katka, who, surprised, having wrinkled her eyes, began to hiccup.
– Nute, sir, let’s not waste time, get down to business.
Quickly open your mouth and suck! Alive! – Sir, can not be! We have not agreed about entom.
You were talking for a threesome.
Promised! I am not used to entomu.
If you so wish, give me money.
No less than five! Persuade, at the beginning give denyuzhku, and after at least get the ladle.
The man took out his wallet from the pocket of his uniform, thrown over the headboard of the bed, and then he lost two more ruble banknotes.
A member of the official, not fat, but the long ended head, violet from the tension, at the base of the blackened rare curly hair.

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After a couple of minutes, Katka didn’t have time for lamenting and moaning, the eldock pushed into his mouth, causing an inarticulate mooing.
– Walk so walk! So that with full force was once awarded with an order.
This, my dear, should be enough.
Blowjob, think forever for the noble gentlemen.
Yes, and we are not bored! We can afford such a disgrace allow! Suck, come on, suck, yes the guardhouse! To have no teeth, I know you whores.
It looks like innocent lambs, and you will gnaw, so strive to bite the whole skin.
Just gape, cling teeth.
Do not throw, suck! Wider, wider mouth, to whom he said – there was a threat in his voice, and the ringing slap of the slap confirmed that the client was not joking.
“Wait a minute, if you please.”
Let me eat beer at the beginning.
Do not want? Maybe vodka, I still have half a bottle with a banquet, I wanted to stock up at home for a hangover, so to speak.
He took out from the inner pocket of his coat the stopper plugged in an opened bottle of “Smirnov’s table wine number 21”.
The girl, looking up from the thick “nipples”, not rising from her knees, knocked over the proposed glass.
A few minutes later the hops hit in the head, eyes gleaming.
The girl ate nothing in the morning, dangling along the boulevard in search of clients.
The man was wondering for another five minutes until he finished.
He did not take out the member and splashed it into her mouth.
The girl, having choked, tried to spit, that poured out the latter-day gentleman of the Order of Anna.
I stopped coughing and choking, when he gave another couple a slap in the face, saying: “Just try, I’m hitting such a bream, you will remember the century.”
Then, sitting at the table, the official smoked, drank beer and gave lectures: – Here, my dear, this is love in French.
This is

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not a shtafirka which drew attention to you.
Got it, you fool? Katka looked at him with the eyes of devotees.
Everything fell into place, if a man beats, then you are to his heart.
Babya share such a patience and be quiet, taught the late mother.
– So, have you not eaten yet? I paid enough, so take a whim and not perech, nail.
In the plot I will rent, I say, the wallet of a slyamzil.
They will send you to the bitch, to the penal servitude, you will be with an ace of diamonds on your back. Online sex video in india.

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