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Atlas was nowhere to be seen, and on this occasion, Nastya did not attend any disappointment or remorse.
Only now she had the thought that a short-term attachment to the wolf arose from her on the basis of fear and loneliness in a strange world, and now she was not disturbed by his fate.
Quickly throwing a cotton dress over his head in white color to the ankles, straightened the folds.
Well, are you escorting a maiden to your house? – Anastasia asked arrogantly at It-kai, who jokingly fell to his knees with the words: “The empress did not execute! Greatly take you to the chambers! ”

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Lead the way.
– answered Nastya barely suppressing laughter, well, how could the winged It-kai know the film “Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Profession”? In the evening of the same day, they were sitting in his private room, allotted for the lifelong use of the It-kay master of the tavern.
When asked why he gave him a living space, It-Kai replied: “If it were not for me, this boar would not have taken possession of the old tavern and would not rebuild the“ tavern ”, so now he is indebted to me!” And the owner of the tavern and really was a boar.
More precisely civilized wild orc.
He was almost a man, had a strong muscular body of an Olympic athlete, dark gray skin covered with a scar tattoo, and a boar’s head with a short muzzle and heel with piercing.
Dozens of thin braids, like African ones, were woven on the head.
From under the lips, up, sticking out fangs.

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Gloomy black eyes, unkindly flashed toward Nastya, when It-kai led her into the tavern.
Anastasia was sitting on a kiun-nai’s wide bed (such as he used this word to designate her tribe of anthropomorphic griffins and hippogriffs) and listened to It-kaya, to the tune of her mandolin, narrating about the Scyliinhar peoples – the world in which the goth girl appeared.

The peoples of the world were divided into four broad categories.
The first is that people united in an empire and were able to conquer almost the whole world, establishing their dictatorship.
The second category of peoples is nonhumans, peoples who represent tribes of magical creatures similar to humans, such as, for example, elves, gnomes, uruk-hai, steppe trolls, goblins, and others.
The third category is beastmen, races of half-humans, half-animals, all sorts of satire, minotaurs, centaurs, tinshun (the people of Atlu), kyun-nai (the people of It-kai) and others.
The fourth is evil, primitive peoples who have hated people since deep times, since their first steps in the world, these include: swamp and savanna trolls, gremlins, wild orcs, and so on.
Nastya looked at It-kai, who was sitting on a stool, and leaning against a wall.
He kept his wings half-folded, legs bent under him, ongu (orange rag) straightened on his left leg so that beautiful folds lay down to the floor, glanced down at his musical instrument, glanced at the girl, under his brows, wagging his tail, with elegant hands brushing over the strings.
In the evening, the bard student changed into a button-down shirt with short sleeves and light summer pants, sandals stood under the bed.
These clothes were more familiar to Nastya and much more comfortable than a dress.
Nastya was sitting on the bed, clasping, with her legs tucked up and her chin on her knees.
Looking at the wall of the room with a fixed gaze, Nastya did not even notice how It-kai stopped playing and narrating about the Scyliinhar peoples.
Startled from the silence that followed, the girl looked at Kiun (as she called his people to herself) and met her gaze. Onlain sex cam.

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