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I waited not for long.
Pasha saw my ass and immediately approached me.
Holding my spasmodic breathing, I lay there and enjoyed the fact that the boy was shamelessly shaking my ass.
Squeezes my buttocks, slides on them.
But he was not satisfied with his booty, – and also grabbed his pussy.

He put his fingers under the fabric of the panties, and touched my lye.
A mess.
With one hand, he stroked my buttocks, and with the other he rubbed my labia, sticking two of his fingers into me.
I really wanted to reach out and touch his penis, but I held out.
Pasha left me alone and climbed on his shelf.
I fell asleep again.
And in the morning, Our boys had cried all morning, and still remained drunk.
I didn’t care, but Svetka was angry for some reason.
She tried to push her Denis apart, but he shoved her away and asked for more sleep.
Sveta was very offended.
Then I took her to a restaurant.
There we drank beer and calmed down a bit.
Angelica joined us, she also drank beer.
We were sitting at the table when Pasha, the son of Khryusha, entered the restaurant (night prankster, all in dad).

We all live together lesbian.

He looked at us, on three incredibly beautiful girls (with whom at night he touched their butts).
Pasha bought ice cream and sat in the far corner of the restaurant, continuing to look at us.
And then I told the girls that Pasha, the son of Piggy at night, was touching Angelica.
I said that I woke up and saw how he squeezes the girl’s ass, I stirred and scared him.
Angela was outraged.
– He also touched my ass? – asked Light.
– I do not know, most likely, touched, – I replied.
Light already all boiled over.
The girls were indignant, – I joined them.
Sveta wanted to get up and go to Pasha, but I kept her and said that I had a plan for revenge.
The girls carefully listened to my plan.
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